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How to find a flat in Bangalore in 2 weeks (or any other cities) A step by step thread guide 🧵

I went through a long, mentally and physically exhausting process of finding a flat on rent in Bangalore recently and there are a few things I’ve figure out which I think might help a few of y'all 🤝 Here’s a step by step list of everything I know (or at least remember)

1. Prepare yourself mentally 🧠 Hundreds of calls, brokers, impromptu flat visits, really expensive cabs and autos, hours spent behind searching for it and you still might not find a good place that fulfils all your expectations. If you do, that’s the best case scenario. But -

prepare yourself mentally for failure. Don’t get discouraged and keep searching. You’ll find something :’)

2. Get your basics clear ✅ - Do you want a fully furnished, semi-furnished or non-furnished apartment? - What’s your maximum location limit? - What’s the budget you’re looking at?

3. List down your negotiable and non-negotiable 🤔 - Do you want a gated society for safety purpose or not? - Is it okay if you don’t have an attached bathroom? - If the network isn’t good - are you okay with just having wifi or not? etc. This’ll save a lot of mental bandwidth

4. Start hunting ⚒️ - Check out co-living spaces & PGs - Stanza, Grexter etc. - Try nobroker’s plan - you can pay 7k (refundable if you don’t find a flat through them) and they’ll send leads - Look for properties online on magicbricks, nestaway, housing & more

- Brokers - Ask around and get numbers of brokers (They’ll charge one month’s rent but if you can afford it - it’ll make your work easier) - Walking around in the neighbourhood and looking for boards might also give you unexpected leads

5. Once you visit the place, make sure you check/ask about these things 😯 - Deposit - Lease agreement duration - Brokerage (If you have a broker) - Safety in and around the neighbourhood - Water, power, maintenance, backup power, gas - Network and connectivity of cab services

- move-in charges - If you can have people over or not - Nearest bus stops, grocery stores etc.

6. Check the agreement 🧐 - Increase on rent after termination of agreement - Security deposit deductions - When do you have to pay the rent - Make sure all the tenants are going to be signing the contract

7. Check the following before signing the agreement ✒️ First of all - READ THE WHOLE CONTRACT. DON’T BE LAZY. And then - How many furniture items are there (In case of semi-furnished apartments) - Parking space assigned to you - When are you supposed to pay rent every month

- Look for leakages, cracks and damages (Get it fixed and click a picture if you can’t so that it doesn’t get deducted from your deposit once you move out) - When will you get the security deposit money after vacating - Force majure - in what all scenarios will it be applicable

And most importantly - notice period for vacating the flat 8. Some extra things you can do to make your life easier ✨ - Whom to contact for any leakages or other issues - House-help and how much are they charging - get their contact details - Clubhouse and amenities

9. Always have a backup ready 💸 - You never know what happens so it’s always good to have a small chunk of money saved which you can use to find a temporary roof on your head in case the owner decides to kick you out (I hope that doesn’t happen huh)

If this helps you or anyone you know, tag them and retweet the first tweet :') I hope you find a flat soon ✨

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