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Morbi incident waged the war of visuals with many claims - 10 days, 3 months, 4 yrs old, and so on. I'm writing his thread after watching more than 25 old videos (before the incident) of Morbi's hanging bridge and found something very disturbing. Sharing some visuals.. 1/

The pathway of the 100+ years british era bridge is full of patches. Some of them are big enough to see through. Vloggers even made specific notes that one should walk carefully to avoid getting hurt. I've captured the date of the videos to avoid any disputes later. 2/

The two-way extremely narrow entrance path with ups and down and stairs make the experience adventurous but highly vulnerable for any stampede-type situation. The width of the bridge itself is 4.5ft, implying a certain capacity for smooth walking. 3/

Here is the warning note by the caretaker that reads that damaging the bridge in any way may attract legal action, which Im not sure if anyone reads .. 4/

This video was uploaded on Jan-22 where the vlogger is explaining that the "real fun" is in shaking the bridge and that's why it is called "julta pul'. If you won't do that, you will miss the fun. 5/

The more I watched the old videos, I found it a dangerous trend to shake the bridge as wildly as possible, irrespective of how it looked scary to others. This is Dec-21 video. 6/

This one is from another vlogger who is showing as if this shaking thing is kind of custom. Dec-21. 7/

This overcrowded bridge video is from Nov-21. Certainly, there is no cap defined at the ticket window. 8/

"dekhiye guys ye pul kitna hiil raha hai, kyonki ye samne kuch log masti kar rahe hai", narrates a vlogger in this Jul 21 video. 9/

Another vlogger explained the thick metal rope is the reason that the bridge sustained for a long. He also demonstrated that the real fun of swaying the bridge is not at the starting point but into midway. 10/

'aap bhi yaha kabhi aao toh asli maza isko hilane ka hi hai'. 11/

After watching all the above visuals, you may find that this particular viral video is just another video of over-crowded, shaking & kicking the bridge. @vijaygajera shared this video, making a note of ppl's strange behavior and the entire AAP IT Cell attacked him. 12/

On the fatal day when the bridge collapsed, some ppl can be seen holding the railing and doing the same which seems a usual practice here. 13/

One survivor narrated that 20-25 boys were shaking the bridge vehemently, there was a big sound, and the cables broke down. Another eyewitness said it was Sunday, overcrowded, swaying uncontrollably.. 14/

Local cops swing into action after the incident happened and arrested mgmt and staff of caretaker - Oreva company. 15/

In hindsight, we can make opinions to answer the critical question- who is responsible? We are living in a country where police have to challan the driver for not wearing a seat-belt even if it is for driver's own safety. In this case, the local admin is first responsible 16/

for overlooking the risk. The caretaker is responsible for not capping the crowd, overselling, poor maintenance, and failing to penalize misbehavior. Lastly, some over-enthusiastic visitors jeopardized other lives for their 2 min dangerous fun. 17/

Note that Morbi bridge is not a utility bridge which is lifeline of locals with no other choice but to take risks. Every year during monsoon many such unfortunate incidents happen at the water-body picnic spot, railway tracks, and many other adventurous places. 18/

Citizens must hold authorities accountable, it's their job to keep lives safe, but one has to survive to do so. So ppl also have to accept their part by keeping others around safe, and act responsibly at public places. Someone is at home waiting for us, not compensation. 19/

This video is posted by the channel 'Morbi Updates' on the day1 (26th Oct 22) after renovation, where the pathway & net looks renewed, rest of the visuals are same. The journo made an appeal to ppl that this bridge is our legacy and we have to keep it undamaged for a long. 20/

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