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#sakuatsu Rumor has it the biology teacher and chemistry teacher have a thing for each other. Stolen glances, glued to the hip, even a daily drop by in one another’s room for some inane question. “Omi-kun, do ya feel the electrostatic attraction between us?”

Miya wiggles his eyebrows. “Leave your ionic bonds out of my biology class, Atsumu.” “Ooh, so ya agree we have a bond?” The problem, however, is that Sakusa and Miya deny anything about the two of them dating. Not everyone is convinced, though.

Depending on who you ask, everyone has different pieces of ‘evidence.’ “I heard from Hin—” “Don’t say my name, Loud-yama!” Hinata cries. Kageyama clears his throat. “I heard from someone short that Sakusa-sensei and Miya-sensei go home together. I saw them—”

“They kissed in the car!” “Dumbass, it was /me/ who saw it!” The two bicker and, soon enough, Hinata is sprinting far away with an angry Kageyama chasing him through the hallways. “I once saw Sakusa-sensei open his phone. His homescreen was Miya-sensei.”

“Ooh, were you stalking around, Wakatoshi-kun?” A boy with red hair asks. Wakatoshi tilts his head. “I believe I was walking normally.” These are simply witnesses. Thing is, despite not having the class, Sakusa and Miya’s students have similar responses.

If you ask the students in Sakusa’s biology class, a kind boy with freckles will gladly tell you: “He’s pretty strict, but he’s a great teacher. Sakusa-sensei usually only cares about things that are school-related, but everytime someone brings up Miya-sensei, he talks more!”

The blonde next him scoffs. “He talks more, yes, but they’re all insults.” “Tsukki’s right. Sakusa-sensei would call Miya-sensei an idiot everytime someone brings him up.” Another student pipes in.

Her hair sways as she asks, “But Yamaguchi-kun, doesn’t Sakusa-sensei smile a little more when we bring its about Miya-sensei?” “That’s true, Yachi-san,” he hums. “Either way, there’s something between them.” The students in Miya’s chemistry class have their own responses, too.

“Myaa-sensei can never stop talking about Sakusa-sensei!” “Bokuto-san, please don’t stand on the table.” “But Akaashi! They can hear me better if I stand—” A crash. The chair is knocked over and the table has fallen to its side.

Bokuto is now face down on the floor and the students gasp. Akaashi sighs. “What he’s trying to say,” Akaashi continues, helping a hurt Bokuto from the floor, “is that Myaa-sensei often likes to tell stories of Sakusa-sensei. I assume they’re quite close.”

“Ooh, tell them about when Miya-sensei had pictures of Sakusa-sensei on his PowerPoint slide, Kenma,” a boy with spiky hair says. Kenma shakes his head. “No need, Kuroo. I have the pictures.”

Pulling up his phone, Kenma swipes to his gallery and, lo and behold, there’s a picture of Miya talking about subatomic particles with different pictures of an angry biology teacher plastered on each particle. It’s ridiculous, really.

Even Sakusa face has been morphed to fit the shape of the particles. On the next slide is Sakusa wearing a headband and a facial treatment mask with chemical compounds scattered on the side.

What’s even funnier, actually, is that alongside the students, the teachers are also in on the rumor. “There’s a betting pool between the teachers that say they’re dating,” Suna says, scrolling through his phone. He looks up. “For my sake, I won’t say anything.”

“Tsumu-chan is definitely doing something with Kiyoomi-chan,” Oikawa whispers. “I know a sneak when I see one—” “Okay, that’s enough.” Iwaizumi smacks him upside the head. “Please ignore him. He starts drama to spite everybody.” “What about you, Iwa-chan?!

What’s your opinion, then?” Oikawa asks. “It’s none of my business, but if I were to say,” Iwaizumi says, “I do think they are close.” Regardless of what anyone says, however, rumors are rumors.

No matter how many students or teachers wonder about the nature of Miya and Sakusa’s relationship, nothing is proven lest the two say anything. Despite all the overwhelming amount of ‘evidence’ the school has, Miya and Sakusa have always denied the idea of them dating.

After months without any new piece of evidence, the school year starts to dwindle down to its last stretches. Exams are over and students are buzzing about in the school gymnasium. There’s talk of a final school festival and the teachers come up to propose their ideas.

Sakusa and Miya stand up and walk to the microphone. Sakusa whispers something, and Miya is quick to laugh, nudging him with his elbow. However, right before the two propose their idea— “Put a ring on him, Miya-sensei!” “Way to go, Ryuu!”

The students begin to laugh, a few claps scattered throughout the gymnasium as a few teachers settle them down. The noise subsides and all Miya does is smile and tilt his head. “Why would he need to put a ring on me…” Miya puts a hand under his shirt and pulls out a necklace.

There, hanging right in the middle, was a golden ring. “… when he already has?” Silence. It’s so quiet that even a single breath can rip the the bubble of shock throughout the gym. Then, everyone shouts. “Smart-yama, we were right!” “Of course I was right.”

“Kenma… how much yen did you just win?” “Bokuto-san, please blink.” Amongst the chaos, Miya simply walks closer to Sakusa, pressing a quick kiss to his cheek over the students around the room. “Didn’t realize the whole school was talkin’ ‘bout us.

Are we that cute a couple, Omi?” Miya smiles. “You’d think everyone would focus on their studies more than our relationship,” Sakusa sighs. “Wait!” Hinata yells. The students simmer down and everyone turns towards him. “Was there a reason you guys kept it a secret?”

They both shake their head. “It was never a secret if no one asked,” Miya says. “But… we asked if you guys were dating?” Kageyama asks. “Dating,” Sakusa says. There’s a hint of a grin on his face. “No one ever asked if we were married.” ★

a slightly rushed, silly thread loosely based on a memory of a YouTube comment I found years ago and suddenly remembered :>

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