#miyacest The twins going to their favorite club with some friends and towards the end of the night Atsumu sneaks off to the bathroom to his favorite glory hole. The stall he’s grown used to is just as clean as ever and he doesn’t shy away from pulling down his skinny jeans

and lining his sloppy hole up with the opening. He can vaguely hear the stall door next to him swinging to a close before the hard cock he loves so fucking much is sheathing into his ass. No time is wasted on adjusting before he’s fucking himself back onto the thickness of it,

a hand slapping across his mouth when his moans turn to pitchy whines. The mystery man never gave more than a few breathy groans and, despite not being able to see him, the thought of hearing his husky voice made Atsumu’s knees weak.

All he can really note of the man is the dressy black shoes that twitch and fidget as he nears his release with every harsh thrust. When they finish, with Atsumu’s ass stuffed with cum just the way he likes, the mystery man is the first one out with Atsu still

leaning against the wall to catch his breath from the most intense orgasm he’s had all month. God he loved being fucked just the way he needed, in the way that had him seeing stars when his weak cocklet pathetically squirted across his chest. He finally wills the blush on his

cheeks away and pats down his disheveled clothes before he returns to the table with his friends. “There you are Atsumu! We’re ready to go, come on” He finally turns to his twin who has a lazy smirk on his face when the rest of his friends are half way out the door.

“Baby, ya ruined the fantasy! I could see yer shoes. ‘Takes away the whole mysteryyyy” Osamu just bonks his whiny lover on his forehead and shushes him with a pinch to his ass. “Shut yer mouth and be grateful ya got to cum on my cock princess”

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