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Alex • Copywriting Dad.



By age 35, PRIORITIZE these and set yourself 10 years ahead in life...

1. Start the day by working on yourself Do this; - Wake up between 5:00 AM - 5:30 AM - Have a 30 minutes work out - Spend 30 minutes reading - Allocate 30 minutes to writing - Review your day This simple routine will give you 100% productive days.

2. Build a strong circle of dark nights friends. The quality of your life improves depending on who can support you; • Find 3 or 4 friends strong in your areas of weakness. • Face life together But before making friends, fix yourself first.

3. Create income streams When people are working for money, make money work for you. Invest time, money and energy in; • Man hours (have people work for you) • Real Estate • Systems and tools The much you can make now is determined by how much you've invested.

4. Never regret anything. There no mistakes if you learn. You can't turn back time and did what felt right. Learn and act according to what's right for you.

5. Lower your expectations. You only have control over input and response to what happens. People do what's right for them. Anything can happen and it's not for you. Expect less, do more.

6. Eat right to fix 99% of your health problems Unless it's an accident or disability, you can fix your health with; - Enough proteins - Carbohydrates - Right fats - Vitamins Take; • Meat • Fruits • Cereals • Vegetables Invest in your health.

7. Invest in great sex There's no reason you should watch porn and masterbate while you can have a partner. - Don't make it disgusting - Hire a sex coach if you can - Get a book that'll teach you "how to" Make it great for you and your partner.

8. Learn social skills. Start by working on your appearance to boost self-confidence. Then; • Learn basic interactions • Talk to a group • Approach strangers and have a friendly chat The better you can talk, the easier it is to get anything you want.

It's the weekend Follow @Copywriting_Dad and continue learning more on; • Making Money Online • Audience building • Persuasive writing • Copywriting • Productivity • Creativity • Writing • Virality • Life 💕I adore you—so much 💕

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