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75+ Interview Questions ➤ C++ ➤ Java ➤ C# ➤ Python ➤ JavaScript on OOPs & Design Patterns. ⇩

Level: Beginner to Medium Topic: ➊ OOPs Basics ➋ Class, Object, Interface ➌ Encapsulation, Abstraction, Polymorphism, Inheritance ➍ Constructor and Destructor ➎ Design Patterns

➊ OOPs Basics ➀ What is a programming paradigm? ➁ Mention various programming paradigm types. ➂ What is structured programming? ➃ What are OOPs? ➄ Why are OOPs needed? Or, ➅ Advantages of OOPs

➆ Where should OOPs not be used? ➇ What are the major features of OOPs? ➈ Mention a few popular languages that support OOPs. ➉ Does <your_language> support OOPs? How?

➋ Class, Object, Interface ➀ Define a class. ➁ What is an Object? ➂ Does class take memory? ➃ What does a class provide/define? ➄ What is a property in a class? ➅ What is a method in a class?

➆ What is an abstract method? ➇ What is an abstract class? ➈ What is an Interface? ➉ What does "static" mean wrt Properties and Methods?

➌ Encapsulation, Abstraction, Polymorphism, Inheritance ➀ What is encapsulation? ➁ What is Data Hiding? ➂ What is Data Binding? ➃ How does <your_language> do encapsulation? ➄ What is abstraction? ➅ How is abstraction accomplished? ➆ What is Inheritance?

➇ Give an example of Inheritance ➈ What are advantages of Inheritance? ➉ Are there any limitations of Inheritance? ➀➀ What are different types of Inheritance? ➀➁ Which type of inheritance does <your_language> support? ➀➂ What is a super class/sub class?

➀➃ What is polymorphism? ➀➄ What are different types of polymorphism? Explain. ➀➅ What is Method Overloading? ➀➆ What is Method Overriding? ➀➇ Tell the difference between Overloading and Overriding. ➀➈ How does <your_language> support overloading and overriding?

➍ Constructor and Destructor ➀ What is a constructor? ➁ What are different types of constructor? ➂ What do you mean by a default constructor? ➃ What is a parameterised constructor? ➄ What is a copy constructor? ➅ When is a constructor invoked?

➆ Is a parent class constructor invoked when a child class constructor is invoked? In which order? ➇ Is creation of an object mandatory? If no, when? ➈ Can an interface have a constructor? ➉ What is a destructor? ➀➀ When is a destructor invoked?

➀➁ Is destructor invoked automatically or manually? ➀➂ Does <your_language> support defining a destructor? ➀➃ In which order destructors are invoked in case of inheritance? ➀➄ What is garbage collection? ➀➅ How does <your_language> do garbage collection?

➎ Design Patterns ➀ What is a design pattern? ➁ What is GoF? ➂ Mention categories in which all design patterns are classified. ➃ What do you mean by creational design pattern? ➄ Define all creational design patterns. ➅ What do you mean by structural design pattern?

➆ Define all structural design patterns. ➇ What do you mean by behavioural design pattern? ➈ Define all behavioural design patterns. ➉ What do you mean by Singleton? ➀➀ Why is singleton necessary? ➀➁ Doesn't Singleton break the purpose of OOPs? ➀➂ What is a Facade?

➀➃ What is a Factory? ➀➄ What is a Builder? ➀➅ What is a composite? ➀➆ How is composite different from inheritance? ➀➇ What is an adapter? Give some example. ➀➈ What is a decorator? Give some example. 20. What is a Proxy? ➁➀ Explain different type of proxies.

➁➁ What is chain of responsibility? ➁➂ What is a bridge? ➁➃ Difference between a bridge and adapter? ➁➄ What is service locator design pattern? ➁➅ What is dependency injection? ➁➆ Difference between Service Locator and Dependency Injection ➁➇ What is MVC?

➁➈ What is a DAO? 30. What is a DTO? ➂➀ Define the strategy to describe a design pattern.

🚥 Disclaimer ⬘ The questions covered here are mostly conceptual ⬗ I never claim only these types of questions are/should be asked during interviews ⬙ For interviews, you should have fundamentals strong. And you should be able to provide solutions to practical problems.

⚠️ Repost Notice ⚠️ ⬘ The questions specified here are my original creations but, were shared on Twitter previously. ⬙ If you find these important and, useful, do share your feedback.

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