Fefi🐭 (is WRITING)

Fefi🐭 (is WRITING)



We all say Atsumu is great at blowjobs but what about Atsumu who is objectively bad at them and Osamu who won’t stop pushing his dick down his throat until Atsumu learns to take it.

Atsumu drooling, spit coating his chin and neck, head cranked at an uncomfortable angle as Osamu’s grip on his hair pushes him forward, making him gag (again) on his cock. “Cmon, Tsumu. Open ya mouth, I know ya can take me.” osamu groans, grinding his cock deeper +

Into Atsumu’s throat, watching his brother choke and gasp around the thick length as he struggles to take him down. “Yeah, that’s it.” Osamu hisses when he finally bottoms out. Hissing with pleasure. “Now bob ya head and suck.”

Atsumu can’t. His jaw is tight and he can barely breath but Osamu uses the grip on his hair to force him to move and soon enough he’s doing the best his can, sucking on his dick and relaxing his throat and he must be doing something semi right because osamu groans, +

How cock throbbing in Atsumu’s throat and he goes: “yeah, like that. Shit. Ya’ will be a natural in no time, Tsumu. Keep going.”

// anyways just more of osamu teaching Atsumu how to be good for him !!

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