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How to build a 6-figure side hustle for just $19. ๐Ÿงต

By the end of this thread you will have: 1. Clear social profiles 2. "Red pill" content 3. Deep customer knowledge 4. A standardized service business 5. Simple technology to run it 6. Great social proof for it 7. A seamless process for making $$ Let's go โ†“

Clean up your profiles: Your social media profiles are mini landing pages. With one glance, prospects should know: - Who you are - What journey you are on - What people should expect if they follow you Capture attention by being clear, not clever.

Create Red Pill content around one challenge: "Red pill" content is something I heard @ShaanVP say and I've never forgotten it. Your content should present a new take. A new angle. A different approach than other people take to solve a challenge. Be different.

@ShaanVP Look for questions + DM opportunities: When you create content like that, you're going to get questions. Questions present opportunity. When you're starting, leverage a combo of public/private responses. Answer questions publically, and take it to DM to add deeper context.

@ShaanVP Chat with 10 people for free: Work to get 10 people on Zoom who have the same problem. A problem you can solve with your "red pill" thinking. Do deep discovery in 4 levels: L1: Technical problem L2: Historical problem L3: Financial impact L4: Personal impact

@ShaanVP Create standard processes: Once you understand the problem, you need a solution. But it's best when standardized. A step-by-step process that predictably delivers high-quality results for the people you intend to help. This is a more scalable process than ad-libbing it.

@ShaanVP Build a landing page on Carrd ($19): Once you have a standardized process, you need a place to offer it. I recommend using @Carrd to build simple, beautiful, functional landing pages for just $19 per year. Here are 5 tips for building a great one:

@ShaanVP @carrd Embed 5-8 testimonials: Social proof helps close deals. Ask the 10 people you helped for free to write you some. Tell them to talk about the problem they had and how you solved it. Put the testimonials near the top so people see them. Get some near your "buy" button.

@ShaanVP @carrd Open up a Calendly account: Open up a Calendly account & embed it on your landing page. This provides a frictionless, seamless way to get people into your calendar for your new business consulting/coaching. Now, let's make it easy for people to understand what they'll get.

@ShaanVP @carrd Create a paid coaching call: "From X to Y in 60 minutes" The more specific you can make the outcome, the better. It's not: "Learn to code" It's: "From clueless to coding your first HTML page in 60 minutes." The outcome is clear. You'll learn to code your first page in HTML.

@ShaanVP @carrd Choose a reasonable price point: Start with a price that people are willing to pay. But make it 2x to 3x what you make at work. For example, if you make $100k at work, that's basically $50/hour. Try $150/hour. Experiment often to find the sweet spot.

@ShaanVP @carrd Open up a few slots outside of your 9 to 5: Pick a few times outside of your 9 to 5 where you'd like to make a bit of extra cash. Maybe it's just 3-4 hours per week, but if you fill those slots, that's an extra $2,000 or more per month. That's some people's mortgage!

@ShaanVP @carrd Add the link to your social profiles: Attach your Carrd landing page to a custom URL and add it to your social pages. - Twitter Bio - A personal website - LinkedIn featured section - Your YouTube Page And anywhere else that people can find you online.

@ShaanVP @carrd Continue focusing on the problem you solve: The next part is critical. Keep creating that red pill content! Now that you have your business set up, you're ready to drive customers. Push out content daily on LinkedIn/Twitter or anywhere else you normally hang out.

@ShaanVP @carrd When people ask questions, share the link: Now, when people ask questions, you can share your brand new link. Sure, some people won't book, but some will. And if 3-4 people do, you're paying off that mortgage faster than ever. Congrats! You have your first side hustle.

@ShaanVP @carrd That's a wrap! If you enjoyed this then you'd love my weekly newsletter, The Saturday Solopreneur. Every Saturday morning I share one audience and business growth tip that you can read in less than 4 minutes. Guaranteed. Join 37,185 subscribers here:

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