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If you have "anxiety", read this:

• You’ve survived everything up to this moment. You will survive it again. You are a warrior! • You aren’t alone, as much as it might feel like you are.

• Don’t be so hard on yourself! You're doing amazing! • As awful as it is now, it will go away. Stop trying to control it, that’s just gonna make it worse. Let it pass.

• Don't take it out on the one's who love you the most. They don't deserve it either. • Your feelings matter! You matter! Things do get better

• Not everything your mind tells you is true. Sometimes your mind can be your worst enemy. • Take it day by day, moment by moment, problem by problem and breathe by breathe.

• You don't give yourself enough credit! Look at everything you've gone through! You're amazing! • Believe in yourself because you're capable of achieving amazing things.

• Repeat these to yourself: • I am strong • I am worthy • I am capable • I am beautiful • I can do anything • I am going to succeed • When people judge you, it's a problem within them, not you

• You're so strong and you will get through this! • Life is not done with you yet! You have got so much more to do, so don't give up!

If you want to develop into the best version of yourself Start reading "Awakening" It will help you become: - happier - more focused - more confident - more disciplined Get the book here (aff):

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