nsfw #miyacestober2022 day 4 • confined spaces , underage // the twins lose a bet together at a party, and as a consequence are shoved into a cramped storage closet together. they were arguing the whole time beforehand—it wasn't their fault, and actually, suna cheated, +

and /please/, kita-san, can't ya go easy on us? but rules are rules, aran said, before closing the door on them. it's dark, and the space is really not big enough for the two of them to fit inside. they're squished up against each other, and they can feel each other's +

hot breaths on their skin. "yer breath fuckin' stinks," osamu says, and atsumu claps back, "like yers is any better, garlic head. they can hear the others snigger from the other side of the door, so atsumu bangs on it, demanding they be let out. +

"not til ya serve yer time, boys!" gin cheerily responds. it's obvious what the others are hoping to get out of this—the twins may be stupid sometimes but they're not /idiots/. their friends expect them to fight and argue, listening to their drama as entertainment. +

/well/, the twins will show that they /can/ actually work together. upon an unspoken agreement, the twins fall silent, and soon, the sounds outside do as well. though the twins can't see each other, they grin at the other widely in the pitch black. +

and then it gets hotter and stuffier in the closet. when atsumu shifts his crotch he accidentally brushes against osamu's instead. he pulls back immediately, or at least he /tries/ to, because there really /is/ no room. +

in the meantime, a distinct mewling sound escapes osamu's mouth. it doesn't sound like disgust, though, and there's a buzzing feeling flowing through atsumu's veins now, and maybe he is a bit of an idiot because it does it again. rocks his hips forward slightly, +

right against his brother. when he feels something harden, his own cock stirs in response. he feels— he doesn't even know how to describe how he feels. danger, fear, but mostly importantly, arousal. +

the next time he tries to move, osamu puts his hand out to atsumu's chest and tries to keep him back. he whispers harshly, "the fuck are ya doin'?" "it feels so good," atsumu whispers back, surprised at how seductive his own voice sounds. +

"it doesn't count if we can't see each other," he adds, silently pleading his brother to say yes. osamu doesn't say anything for a moment. then, just as atsumu is about to back off, with no small amount of disappointment, he feels it. osamu's erection rubbing against his own. +

"this doesn't mean anything," osamu tells him, wrapping his arms around his neck, pulling him even closer in this already confined space, rubbing their crotches together. atsumu says something in response, he's sure, but all comprehensible thought goes out the window +

as they continue rutting against each other. it's the first time either of them have ever done anything with another person—they haven't even had their first kisses yet. maybe they would've, if they hadn't made the stupid bet, but as it was, +

they're stuck here together. they can't believe it's happening like this, that it's with their twin, but what matters right now is that there's a hot body pressed against their own, a hard cock that's not their own touching them. +

it's unsurprising that they come so soon, clinging onto each other, hot breaths in the other's ear. the feeling of their come in their underwear and shorts is much less hot, but they're still on the high of their orgasm so it makes their cocks give another spurt. +

they finally let each other go after that, feeling like the storage closet is suddenly much bigger than they'd remembered, panting to try and catch their breath. osamu is the first who comes to his senses, muttering, "fuck," letting his head fall against the wall. +

atsumu turns his head towards the door, worried about opening it, /terrified/ of what they may find on the other side. he's expecting someone to unlock it at any moment and— he doesn't know. yell at them? kick them out? but minutes pass, and still nothing happens. +

eventually osamu nudges it with his foot, and it swings open easily. the twins wince at the sudden light, but are at once relieved and confused that the room is empty, and also that the door never appeared to have been locked in the first place. +

in fact, there doesn't seem to be a lock on the door at all. atsumu gulps, looking at osamu. how will he explain his behaviour then? what /was/ the reason he did what he just did? he glances cautiously at osamu, but doesn't see anything he was afraid of. +

instead osamu looked determined, and dare atsumu say—hungry. once osamu has atsumu's attention, he looks pointedly at the bed, and then at the door of the bedroom, which /does/ have a lock on it. atsumu thinks he knows what osamu is suggesting, but he can't be certain. +

he doesn't want to make assumptions. but osamu removes his doubts with three simple words: "it wasn't enough." atsumu knows exactly what he means. he feels the same. he goes over and locks the door.

// okay this did not turn out as good as my plan so here is my plan: got locked into a storage room together? a locker? as a dare? others expecting the twins to start fighting and listening to that drama but instead - it's their crotches rubbing together, +

and trying to suddenly pull apart but being unable to because there's no room - it's saying 'it doesn't count if we can't see each other' as they start to rut against each other - it's the first time they've ever done anything with another person, +

and they can't believe it's happening like this, with their twin - it's coming, and then panting to try and catch their breath, and opening the door terrified of what they might see only to find that the others all left because they weren't fighting like they thought it was. +

it's looking at the bed, and the lockable door, at each other, and thinking it wasn't enough before and they need more

//// that could've just been the entire thread on its own tbh LMAO but oh well.

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