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13 proven methods to expand an idea: 1. Tips 2. Stats 3. Steps 4. Stories 5. Quotes 6. Benefits 7. Lessons 8. Reasons 9. Mistakes 10. Examples 11. Questions 12. Resources 13. Frameworks Read this thread for a breakdown of each one—so you never stare at a blank page again:

Think of this list as a toolkit. 1. Take your core idea 2. Run through this list to look for ways to support it Depending on the idea, you can mix & match dozens of combinations. With this, you can effortlessly go from short-form to long-form content. Let's dive in:

1. Tips Take your idea and make it easier for the reader to implement. Bonus points for focusing on helping them do it: • Faster • For less money • With less effort • With less headache • With a higher chance of success Impossible to go wrong focusing on these outcomes.

2. Stats People love numbers. Sure, 95% of stats are made up (like this one). But, if you can: • Make a point • Find a unique, true stat • Use it to support your point You will gain massive reader trust.

3. Steps The human brain loves a complete picture. • Take a problem you've solved • Reverse engineer the way you solved it • Give it to the reader in a step-by-step checklist Let the reader know that the outcome they're looking for is *literally* a few steps away.

4. Stories Think about the core ideas that guide your life. Chances are, you have a personal story that helps you remember it. Or, the person who taught it to you gave you a story to remember it. Humans have learned in stories for ages—use them to make your point memorable.

5. Quotes The truth is, there is very little original thinking. The best thinking has already been done—and the quotes that have survived long enough to become cliché do a better job at supporting a point than you will. Use them to package up & support your ideas.

6. Benefits Many readers don't know what they don't know. So, before you try to get them to learn, tell them about the things that will happen *once* they learn. Because the truth is, no one wants to "learn"—they want to change. Be in the outcome game, not the education game.

7. Lessons Here's a proven hack to level up quickly: • Try something • Distill what you learned • Share it with the people behind you This will help you: • Crystallize the lessons (so you learn faster) • Benefit the people behind you (so they learn as well) Win-win.

8. Reasons This one is simple. • Make a claim you believe in • Give the core reasons that you believe in it Why do you do things a certain way? Why does it work (or why doesn't it?) Why should they believe (or why shouldn't they?) Think deeply, then support your thinking.

9. Mistakes There is only 1 shortcut in life: Avoiding mistakes the people ahead of you made. So do your part. • Look at your accomplishments • Share the mistakes you made achieving it Then, give them a roadmap to avoid it. Accelerate human progress!

10. Examples This is the easiest one. • Make a point • Say, for example • Give an example to drive it home For example, I just did it with this tweet.

11. Questions You might not have all the answers—and that's okay. Identify the open areas you're still thinking about (and see if the reader has any insights on it). This takes the pressure of having to be an "expert" while also engaging the audience. Another win-win.

12. Resources Some readers want a full deep-dive—so give it to them. • Books • Ted talks • Podcasts • Blog posts • YouTube videos • Twitter accounts Sift through. the resources that helped you learn—then send the reader in the right direction.

13. Frameworks Last but not least, package up everything above. Lay it all out and give the reader something tangible to walk away. Then, tell them to go immediately apply it. Just like this thread.

To recap: 13 proven methods to expand an idea: 1. Tips 2. Stats 3. Steps 4. Stories 5. Quotes 6. Benefits 7. Lessons 8. Reasons 9. Mistakes 10. Examples 11. Questions 12. Resources 13. Frameworks Use this to effortlessly expand short-form content into long-form content.

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