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SakuAtsu au where— Dating Atsumu is an ego boost, Kiyoomi thinks. “Get away.” Kiyoomi tells Motoya when he says, “Damn, Kiyo, you lucked out.” with shiny eyes and shinier lips. Kiyoomi moves his carefully crafted bento away just in case of stray drool.

Dating someone who’s competitive and has a competitive twin apparently means he gets to reap the benefits of the many talents Atsumu’s honed over the years.

His large following on his account that he created just to show his appreciation for (read: show off) Atsumu’s cooking is proof that Atsumu may not be a professional chef like his twin, he could still stand ‘til quarterfinals in master chef if he so wishes to.

‘That’s my man’, Kiyoomi thinks, whenever people comments how they’d do anything just to eat Atsumu’s cooking everyday like he does.

“Wait, you guys built this?” Meian asks in disbelief, “All on yer own?” The team came over for house warming and was blown away by their furniture in which they personally assembled from the buying of stuff to the finishing touch.

Meian is still whispering to himself, ‘they actually did this?’ as he stares at their 7-foot tall PAX wardrobe.

Kiyoomi felt like he should be offended but it was funny how their eyes widen and how their hands flutter so he’ll let it slide.

Apparently, this many furniture is difficult to handle, with too many parts and too many steps, which could drive a person absolutely insane; Hinata nods vehemently at that.

Atsumu built it all by himself, Kiyoomi says with his chest puffed out. “Yeah, that’s because Omi kept losing the parts. Even cried ‘bout it too.” “It’s not my fault they’re way too tiny!”

“Sakusa-san,” One of his newer assistants says, “your scarf is really pretty.” He nods his thanks. His coworkers make a habit to comment their appreciation on his ever-growing collection of scarves and hats.

A crowd favourite is the black beanie with tiny weasel ears on them. He dutifully relays this to Atsumu; he firmly believes in the power of praise.

One day, someone asks him where he gets his white-and-blue woven scarf; they’d like to gift it for a lover. Kiyoomi blinks, “Oh, my boyfriend made that.” Then, they asks for the check cashmere one. He repeats the same thing.

They tentatively asks for the fox-and-weasel one. He, again, repeats the same thing. They backtrack, “wait, your boyfriend makes all of them?” Kiyoomi nods.

From that day on, whenever Kiyoomi wears a new piece (which is very often), his coworkers whistle and say, “Atsumu strikes again!” Atsumu finds this a challenge now.

“There’s no competition.” Kiyoomi’s tired as he watches Atsumu knits his ‘best-creation-of-them-all-Omi!’ “There is.” “Who?” “Me!” Atsumu shouts, still focused on his knitting, “I can’t let me one-up me!”

Kiyoomi’s so tired (and so, so in love with him)

Slightly nsfw ?? + Atsu with a puss

Kiyoomi smooths his hair back as he straightens, fisting his cock. He looks over Atsumu; he can’t helped but smirk. Atsumu looks like a mess.

There’s tear tracks and cum stains drying on his face from when Kiyoomi was fucking down his throat earlier. There’s finger-shaped bruises on Atsumu’s thighs that radiates heat from when Kiyoomi was manhandling them to jostle him around.

There’s wetness glistening between Atsumu’s legs and a shaking in the limbs from when Kiyoomi was being mean; he made Atsumu squirt on his cock, slaps his tits, and says, “c’mon, can’t you give me just a little more?”

Kiyoomi curls over Atsumu, sliding his cock between his folds again and again, dipping in before teasing again, “Another?” Atsumu wheezes.

Yeah, dating Atsumu is definitely an ego boost.

The end!! Thank you for reading my rambles

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