Spartan Psyche

Spartan Psyche



Young men, you must do this;

1) Start your transformation with a grand gesture. A grand gesture is something that increases the perceived value of an action (cal Newport) Make a promise, set a date and start. Use your emotions - angry, sad, disgusted. They are your fuel. Use them for strength and intensity.

2) Identify bottlenecks. Write down the major pitfalls that contribute to most of your problems. Health, finances and relationships - evaluate all aspects and find out what you are lacking and where. Be ruthless, don't sugarcoat. This will lay the foundation for your action plan.

3) Shoulder responsibility. Its all your fault. Don't play the blame game, dont pass the buck. You are where you are now, because of what you have done so far. Its the brutal truth. Once you accept this, you will find courage to say 'I fucked up, I'll fix it'. This is important.

4) Define point A and point B. Keep it simple, who am I now and who do I want to be in 6 months time. Be specific, don't fantasize, be realistic. I want to be a man who does not need to watch porn, who has lost 20 pounds of body fat and who has a full time job. Don't be vague.

5) Design a blueprint. Write down the kind of man you want to be. Your purpose, what values will you embody, what principles do you want to live with. Focus on this first. Values and principles are what will lay foundations to build something robust. Discipline comes from here.

6) Instant gratification. This is your biggest enemy. It robs you of your sharpest sword - your drive to conquer. Forego instant dopamine hits. These will keep you soft and lazy. The junk food, the porn, the sugar, the alcohol.. cut everything out. You have a mission. Focus.

7) Delayed gratification. This is what you will embrace. Do more of things that will require you to pay the price of effort now, to give you results later. It is a grind but you have to crawl through the trenches. Success never comes if you're always on the bench. Get obsessed.

8) Set goals. SMART goals. Specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, time bound. I will lose fat is not a goal, it's a wish. So is I will make money. I will make 5000$ in 30 days by selling a skill to 20 people is a goal. Be smart. You are here to win. Don't be mediocre.

9) Start small and progressive overload. As with all things start small, pick one habit, start with minimum weights, one line of code, one page of writing, one mile a day.. and keep adding to it everyday. Never taking a step back. Always progressively loading on what you have.

10) Stop watching porn. You need to understand the truth, go read Gary Wilson's work YBOP. As porn ⬆️ grey matter in the brain ⬇️ It will destroy you. I have 17 year olds reaching out because they can't get erect. Its terrible. Harness and channel your sexual energy. Its powerful

11) Kaizen. Continuous improvement. Compounding effect is powerful. 1% improvement EVERYDAY is all you need to completely transform your life in 6 months. You will be unrecognisable. Stop fantasizing about the end goal. Focus on the daily systems to get there. You will not fail.

12) Track and Celebrate. Don't forget to track your progress. You need to see results to believe in the process. Once you start seeing it, you're hooked. Its a drug like nothing else. You want dopamine? Get it from here. Life transformation is a high like nothing else. Enjoy it.

13) Find allies. If you do this alone more than likely you will fail. Find a brotherhood, find support. We all are too arrogant to admit we need help. Be humble, find a mentor, a brother, a friend. Find someone with the same vision. Walk the path together as allies.

14) Build structure. Do not foster chaos. Have structure, have a schedule. Wake up and sleep at the same time. Plan your day the night before and optimize for efficiency. You are young, time is your greatest ally. Respect father time. He stands above all.

15) Document. Have a record of what you go through and what you do. This is good for introspection and understanding. Write, make a video, journal. Develop an understanding of your psyche as you face and beat adversity. You will have more respect for yourself as you look back.

16) Mastery. There is only one way to reach the pinnacle of any hierarchy. Mastery. It takes time, it takes effort, it takes relentless dedication. You want to be the best at something? You can not cut corners. There is no other way. Mastery is supreme. Always strive for mastery.

17) Read and study. Upgrade your intellect and understanding of the world and it's intricacies. Not everything is as it appears. Read from people who have unique perspectives. Study people who are ahead of you. This is how you grow. By absorbing like a sponge.

18) Rest and sleep. Work hard in the day, get a good night's sleep with a clear conscience. You need to refuel and recuperate before you begin the next day. Think of it as a save point on a video game. All progress is lost if you don't do it right. Good sleep is crucial.

19) Mindfulness and meditation. Do this purely for that calmness and tranquility you feel after a meditation session. Your happiness frequency will be tuned to perfection. No need to be a monk, just find a simple technique that works for you and stick with it everyday.

21) Confront failure. Do not think it's all victories on this journey. You will fail. Fail often and fail fast. Then learn and adjust to move on again. Failures are essential. You learn nothing if you don't fail. Do not run away from them, transcend them.

That's it. Bookmark this thread, follow this for 90 days and see how your life changes significantly. No need to complicate things. Simplicity is clarity and clarity drives focused action. Good luck brothers. Feel free to reach out in DMs.

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