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🔶💧#ZhongChi So I was watching Flying Witch and got inspired. Witch Ajax who accidentally drank a love potion and made EVERYBODY loves him, except it won't work on the one that actually does like him.

Ajax made it for...for fun, definitely not because he wants to make a certain boy in his school likes him back, no, definitely not. A love potion isn't something a witch can easily conjure, it took him days even weeks of trial and error, but he finally succeeded in making one.

"Huh, that's cool and all but..." His sister offered him a wry look, "You...do know it doesn't work only for one person, right?" "Huh?" "It works for everyone that sees you." Ah. What a predicament. "Then I won't drink it." What a shame,

Especially since mandrake roots are so hard to come by, and now it's going to waste just because he doesn't know the effects the potion has. "Make sure you throw it properly! Don't contaminate any water or it'll be dangerous for whoever drinks it."

"Yes, I'll throw it out later, I'll tidy up my workspace first.." A dissapointed sigh left his lips as he tidied everything. Tidying up everything hadn't been easy. By the time he was finished, his throat is parched and he reached out for the water on the table.

Without taking another glance, he downed the water. Huh. It...tasted funny, a bit minty, and a hint of strawberry? Looking to the bottle, his face instantly paled. What he drank, isn't water, it's the love potion. Oh crap oh crap oh crap oh crap.

How will he go to school tomorrow? Hell he can't even see anyone right now! How is- "Ajax, have you thrown away the love potion?" "No! Sister, don't look!" He tries to shield his face away. "...What?" Instead of a typical reaction of someone in love,

His sister is completely acting like usual, if he didn't count the confusion laced in her face. "Oh...uh, nothing..." Maybe he failed making the potion. So Ajax treats it as if nothing ever happened, he ate dinner, went to bed and go to school the next day.

It was supposed to be a normal day at school, until... "Oh Ajax! The apple of my eyes! My honey, my true love! I love you!" Venti is being his poetic self, except his woes had never been about his love to Ajax.

"Ajax! Where have you been my love?" Dottore, of all people, took his hand and kissed the top of it, his eyes look...funny. "Ah Ajax, my lovely Ajax, did you sleep well last night dear?" Ayato took his other hand, kissing the back of it.

Wait, wait wait wait wait, what? "Ajax." He yelped when he is suddenly pulled away and into a sturdy chest, "I am so glad to see you this morning, seeing you is truly a gift." The low voice and the scent of lemons told him it's Capitano Everyone is acting really, /really/ weird

"Ah, my dear Ajax, would you care to join me for some tea? Your presence is very awaited, cutie." He doesn't know if Lisa is acting weirdly or not. "Hmph, You're here." Ah, finally, someone that is- "I can finally see you darling." Even Yelan is acting weird,

What is up with these people that usually would hate him but now flock to him to the point he has to hide in the bathroom? Ajax traced back his steps, what could possibly lead him to this situation? Did everybody just somehow ate funny mushrooms all at the same time?

Is that- Ah. The love potion. He drank it yesterday. Is that...why this is all happening to him? If so... He made sure to be as cautious as possible, sneaking out and making sure to not get caught.

Locating that person's class is not hard at all, Ajax already memorized where his class is. It just so happens lunch break had just started, if he's lucky... "Zhongli-senpai!" He calls out to the only student in the class, the school's star, Zhongli from the Liyue Class.

Talented, handsome, student council president, not to mention athletic, everybody at one point has a crush on him. But not Ajax, his crush started from the last year of elementary school and lasted all the way to highschool.

His heart raced a mile per minute, if everybodu else is affected by his love potion, then surely Zhongli- "Yes? Do you need something, Ajax?" "Huh?" Why isn't it working? Didn't everybody else fall for him?

"Is..something the matter?" Before he could reply, "Ajax! It is so nice of you to visit us here." Baizhu took his hand, kissing the top of it. "Ah, what a wonderful day today is! To be graced with Ajax's presence, you are as lovely as always." Warm hands wrap around his waist,

The faint scent of chocolate tells him it's none other than Kaeya. "Hm, for once, I agree with you, meeting Ajax truly does make today a better day." A hand pats his head, it's Diluc.

"It is as the stars said! Today I will meet someone that is truly magnificent!" Even Mona got under the influence of his love potion. All these people fall for him, yet it didn't work on the one person he wanted to...

What is even the point of it if Zhongli doesn't even fall for him? "Please unhand Ajax immediately." A stern voice snapped him out of his trance, he met sharp amber eyes, lips downturn in the other's...irritation? "Why? We're just showing how much we love him."

Kaeya tightens his arms around his waist. "He clearly doesn't look comfortable, unhand him at once." Zhongli insisted, it...made him a bit happy if he is being honest. "Oh really? Or maybe you just want him to yourself." He smiles bitterly at that, there's no way Zhongli ever-

A warm hand gripped his wrist, pulling him firml forward and into Zhongli's awaiting embrace, "Maybe I do." Without waiting for Kaeya's reply, Zhongli pulls him out of the class. "Oh Ajax! How-" Itto instantly stopped in the middle of his words when Zhongli shot him a glare.

Every one of the students that tried to greet him is promptly shut down by a pair of sharp amber eyes. Turns out, Zhongli pulls him to the empty gym. "We should be save for now from the students." A sigh left Zhongli's lips, "Sorry...you had to be caught in this mess."

He fiddles with the hem of his sweater, feeling guilty he dragged his senior into his problem. "Thanks for helping me, you can go back to your class, I'll stay here for a bit longer." He offers the other a strained smile. Why is it that Zhongli isn't affected by it?

Why is it that out of all the dozens of people he met, Zhongli remains the only one who acts like usual with him? "Tell me why you need me first, you clearly wanted to ask me for something, that's why you came to my class, no?" Well...that is true...

"I don't need it anymore," He assures the star student, "It doesn't work anyway." He adds to himself. "What doesn't work?" A strangled noise left his lips when Zhongli clearly heard him.

"N-Nothing! It's no big deal, really." There is no way he is telling Zhongli he was testing his love potion to him "It is clearly a big deal seeing as you seeked for my assistance. As the president of the student council, I have every obligation to help you." A hand pat his head

"So tell me, what is bothering you Ajax?" His heart skipped a beat every time he hears his name uttered by the other. "...Love potion." "Pardon?" "I...accidentally made and drank a love potion." Witches aren't exactly common in where they lived,

Zhongli would surely think he's crazy. Yet it doesn't seem as if Zhongli looked confused. "The effects is that everybody who sees me will 'fall in love' with me." His heart pounds loudly, "And the reason you searched for me is...?"

By now, his cheeks are hot enough he's sure he can cook an egg with the heat, "Isn't it obvious?! I wanted you to fall for me!" Gosh he's so embarrassed he wants to just crawl into a hole. "But clearly it didn't work on you! There! Can you just leave me now?!" He wants to cry.

He's so embarrassed he can't even look at Zhongli. "Do you not know why it doesn't work on me?" "I don't know! I hate it! I wanted it to-!" Warm lips on his own made him stop in the middle of his words. "It's because I already fallen for you without the potion."

"It is true that the effects of a love potion would made everybody who sees the one that consumes it as their object of affections. But it won't work on people that genuinely does love them." Suddenly he is very self-concious about the hand around his waist,

Fingers laced with his own, and how close he is to his crush. "How...how do you know all this?" It shouldn't be common knowledge to the public. "Naturally that is because I am a witch myself." Ah. "Though I rarely use any magic, nor make potions."

"Maybe that's why you didn't fall for me! Because you're a witch too!" Maybe it doesn't have an effect on a fellow witch. "Did you not know that Ayato is also a witch? And last I remembered he was clearly undee the effect of the potion." What a bombshell of an information.

"S-So..." "So yes, I love you, that is why the potion has no effect on me." Hearing the confession uttered so close to him made his heart near explode from how fast it is beating. "I...I love you too..." He can't find it in him to meet Zhongli's eyes.

"D-Does that mean what you say back then was the truth?" Curiosity got the best of him, "Yes." Zhongli's confident answer near made him faint. "I want you to myself only, Ajax." This time, instead of finding himself pulling away from the intruding hands gripping his waist,

He returns the sentiment by circling his arms around Zhongli's neck, "Seems like that love potion had its benefits too." He lost his hands on dark brown locks, "How so?"

"I got to find out your true feelings," The hair slipping from his fingers are smooth, "And I got to know the effects wouldn't fade away." He feels his lips tug up into a smile.

"Hm, I suppose you are right, my little witch." No more words were exchanged between them as he lets his breath taken away by his crush. And come morning, he knows he will still have Zhongli's love.

END Btw if u haven't watched Flying Witch, u should def watch it, it's hella entertaining, eps 6 gotta be my fav, I was crying from laughter at the end 😂

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