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Most people forget 98% of what they read. Here’s how to read a book(so you remember everything you read):

Step 1: On the first page of the book, write your WHY for reading the book. Or even better, write 3 problems you intend to solve with the book. Be specific.

Step 2: As you read, highlight key points and quotes that resonate with you Don’t highlight everything you read. Highlight stuff that makes you stop and think. (& that you can use in your daily life). Add your own reference points or context to the stuff you highlighted.

For example: If I find a quote interesting, I'll mark a Q to it. For phrasing I use ph, for unfamiliar words I write uf etc kinda stuff. This is not written in stone, and you don’t have to follow this same framework. Give it your own spin.

Step 3: Create your own index with key points, notes and page numbers you found them on Give your context or why it resonated with you Add the highlighted quotes, phrases, etc along with the page number on the front page of the book.

This makes it easier for you to revisit the notes later. You’ll know what resonated with you, what are the key points and why you found it interesting. Much better than skimming through the book to find something.

Step 4: Don’t take notes WHILE you’re reading Instead: • Make little dog-ears to the pages • star the part you found interesting • Revisit it once you’re done with your session You’re always going to find everything important while you’re reading something

Step 5: When done, take a break. Pretty self-explanatory. Take a 2-day break and let the notes simmer in. Don't overwhelm yourself.

Step 6: Distill the information on the last page of the book Be specific and answer the 3 big questions: 1) What are the key points in the book? 2) Which part of the book is most relevant to me and my life? 3) Which part of the book can I use right now to improve my life?

You can use the index you created in Step 3 to help you answer these questions. Writing that information by hand makes it more likely for you to remember what you read and improve comprehension.

Step 7: Use the rule of 3: 3 lessons learnt and 3 actionable pieces of advice. It is overwhelming to use everything you’ve read to put into practice. You will not include ALL THE 20 habits of millionaires and magically become a millionaire.

This is where the rule of 3 comes into play. Make a list of: • 3 big things you learnt from the book • 3 specific things you can do right now to improve your life. (put a date on it) If you can do this, you’re reading effectively and remembering what you read.

Step 8: Digitize those notes Now, you need to access those notes sometime in the future. And it’s going to be tough if you don’t have a system in place to do that.

Once you’re done reading the book, transfer those notes to notion (so you have access to them whenever you want.) Quotes you found life-changing Key points you found interesting 3 lessons learnt 3 pieces of actionable advice Summary of the book in your own words That’s it.

This is all you need to do to remember what you read. 1) Write down your why for reading this book 2) Highlight key points that resonate with you 3) Create your own index with those points 4) Don’t take notes while reading (don’t break the flow)

(Contd..) 5) Take a break when done reading the book 6) Distill the information from the book in your own words 7) Use the rule of 3: 3 lessons learnt + 3 pieces of actionable advice 8) Digitize those notes

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