Give me 3 minutes and I'll show you how you can make $10k/mo with YouTube Automation:

1. Check out the best performing videos. I use VidlQ for that. 2. Pick a niche with a high CPM. You want your efforts to be efficient. 3. Focus on evergreen content. Long-lasting content = long-lasting cash flow. 4. Model what the best performers do. Don’t copy.

5. Create eye-catching branding using Canva or Placeit. 6. Find someone on Fiverr, Upwork or Twitter who creates the videos for you. 7. Make 30 videos to test out the niche. 8. Check your analytics. Again, VidlQ is your friend.

9. Double down on the winners. 10. Outsource the voice over. 11. Choose awesome music to go with your video. Thematic is a good place, all free. 12. Strategically place a CTA at the end of your video.

13. Do a verbal CTA as well. 14. Create a smooth transition between your content and your end screen. 15. Buy end screens of big accounts to borrow their audience. 16. Optimize your headlines. Make them as clickbaity as you can.

17. Optimize your thumbnails. They’re important to get views. 18. Monetize early. 19. Automate as much as you possibly can to free up your time. 20. Enjoy life. Do what you always wanted to do and watch the cash come in.

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