#miyacestober2022 Day 11: Secret Relationship / Brazen Suna has this party trick in which he would grab someone by the face, put his thumbs on their lips, and, in one swift movement, pull their face towards his and kiss his thumbs, making it look like he is kissing the person.

It’s a dumb joke, something that shocks everyone in the moment, but it’s very effective in causing bouts of incredulous laughter and shrieks all around. And, Atsumu being Atsumu, decides to fuck with everyone (and Osamu) by doing the bit.

Everyone knows it’s a joke. It’s even funnier because they’re brothers. (“Ew, ya fuckin’ degens,” Suna snickers.) But Osamu feels himself going into cardiac arrest because Atsumu moved his thumbs and pulled Osamu’s bottom lip down at the last minute. Not a fake kiss at all.

He visibly pales at the thought of having been found out, but everyone’s laughing their asses off, too drunk to have even seen what Atsumu really did, and Atsumu, the fucking bastard, looks way too smug for Osamu’s liking.

With a sneer, he throws a glare in his brother’s way before resuming to sip at his cup of sake. Atsumu simply sticks his tongue out at him, and not in the teasing way, but in the way that makes heat pool in Osamu’s stomach.

“We get it, ya wanna fuck your brother,” Suna says almost seriously if he didn’t roll his eyes. The comment causes everyone to keel over, the alcohol making them laugh non stop. “Fuckin’ narcissist.”

“Narcissus was in love with his own reflection,” Ginjima supplies. He then squints and a points at nothing with both hands before crossing them, as if connecting the dots. “Oh, my GOD, it all makes sense.” “What makes sense?” Suna asks. “Why it’s called narcissism!”

Atsumu grins, teeth so sharp that Osamu feels the junction between his neck and shoulder throb. “Ya hear that, ‘Samu?” Atsumu says, voice low enough for Osamu to hear. “Apparently, I’m a narcissist.” He leans in closer, lips barely brushing the outer shell of Osamu’s ear.

He cups a hand to his mouth and licks Osamu’s ear. Osamu shivers. “And so are you.” fin

my friend would always pretend to kiss people by doing the thumb trick, and it would get to me every single time LOL

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