Power of Values

Power of Values



How to escape the simulation. A thread to unplug yourself.

The age we live in has provided us with everything at our fingertips. - Pornography - Social media - Fast food - Netflix - Even VR You know that these are bad for your mental, and physical health. But why are they bad? Let me explain 馃憞

1. Instant reward These activities overstimulate your brain like nothing else. No need to conquer a girl, you can just open PornHub. No need to cook food, you can just order Uber Eats.

By doing this on a daily basis, your brain will get accustomed to the amount of dopamine it has to release. So a regular achievement will feel like nothing over time. It works just like any other drug.

2. They prevent you from living the life you want to live By craving more and more dopamine, you will need more and more pleasurable activities. Porn, Netflix, and fast food. You consume, they profit. You stay depressed and empty, they live wealthily.

You will never obtain your dream life because you keep watching pixels on a screen. To create the life you want, you need to achieve goals. Work on fulfilling tasks. This means resisting pleasures and to build.

3. They keep you away from the real world Watching Netflix, Porn, or communicating via Zoom: What do they have in common? Digital. Do you know what this does to your mental state?

Your brain isn't designed to register impulses at such speeds. Over time, you will feel disconnected from the real world. Whilst Zoom meetings may reduce costs and provide easy access to speakers... At what price?

[Solution] Now that you understand the problem, it's time to look at how to solve this. What can you do to unplug from this digital harassment? 馃憞

There are 4 key solutions to this problem. Let me take you through them:

1. Nature First, you must go back to your roots. Nature has an almost magical effect on the human psyche. By grounding in nature, you will feel connected to the life around you.

By standing on the ground with your bare feet every day, you will literally recharge. You load up on electrical current during your days in offices and at home. By releasing this, you will feel more human.

2. Fasting To get your dopamine receptors back to baseline, you should give them the essential breaks they need. You do this through fasting from these stimulants. Fast regularly, until you are capable to ditch your addictions once and for all.

To get you started, try the following: 路 No phone 1 hour before bed 路 Phone OFF on Sundays 路 Intermittent fast every day 路 One 24 hr water fast every month 路 No porn (ever) 路 Retain semen This should improve your life in as quick as 1 week.

3. Connection Once your dopamine receptors are restored, you must feed them with good sources. One of the best is to connect with other people. 路 Family 路 Friends 路 Strangers Make genuine connections. You will feel more alive.

4. Energy mastery This step can't be missed. Because you will feel urges for some of these addictions (even when you think you kicked them): You must find ways to channel that energy.

If unsure what to do, try the following: 路 Lift heavy weights 路 Start reading books 路 Practice a martial art 路 10-20 min morning runs 路 Build your own business Utilize this newfound energy.

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