desi avocado ๐Ÿฅ‘|| off to uni soon๐Ÿ’ž

desi avocado ๐Ÿฅ‘|| off to uni soon๐Ÿ’ž



@miyacestober #osaatsu #miyacest day 10: audience papa miya finds out exactly what his boys have been upto during the long years of his absence. osamu fucking atsumu like a bitch had admittedly not been the first thought.

miya isamu loved his twin boys dearly. ever since his beloved wive passed away at childbirth, all that the twins knew were their strong daddy who worked hard to give them a comfortable life. isamu tried to not differentiate between his boys, but he can't help but favour atsumu

a bit more, always patting his soft brown hair and pulling his chubby cheeks. osamu didn't seem to mind, also fretting over his little brother like am anxious mother hen and all was well and good for some years. until isamu received orders from the higher ups to travel out of

the country. the twins clinged to his legs, barely 15, slips of a thing, crying and begging him to not go and isamu felt his heart break into a thousand tiny pieces. but the higher ups have to be obliged and papa miya sat on the airplane with tears in his eyes and a heavy heart

in his chest. before going, he had made the twins promise to love and be for each other, no matter what.

it has been 5 years since he had last seen his boys and miya isamu was absolutely trembling with anticipation. video calls and texts can only go so far. all isamu knew was that the boys have dyed their hair gold and silver, atsumu has enrolled in a v.league division 1 team

(his golden boy) and osamu in in the works of opening his own restro. he couldn't help feel proud of his shining twins but there's a claw od uncertainty grasping at him that he might no longer be able to recognize his own children, being so away from them.

out of the taxi, at the miya residence. the door is unlocked. isamu's heartrate spead up, fearing the worst. he had, of course, informed the twins of his homecoming. it was the only thing the three can talk about these past few days. has there been a bulgary? a heist?

sweat dotted isamu's forehead. catiously he crept into the house, fearing that the robber might still be in there. a thud. a thump. a long-drawn moan. isamu freezed. sounds of sex filled the house. he closed the door as quietly as possible, fuming. here! he was so scared

for his boys and one of them had bought over a girl home! and didn't lock the door too! he climbed the stairs to the second floor, the door was inconspicuously opened a notch. he peeked in, adamant to see the culprit.

atsumu, his sweet peach, his darling, his favourite boy, was riding his twin brother in reverse cowgirl. the boy's blonde hair was damp and matted, sticking to his forehead, hazel eyes glazed over and tongue rolling out of pink lips. his entire body was covered in a thin sheen

of sweat, hips moving at a resounding pace, pink cock erect and bobbing. behind him osamu was groaning, thursting up, face screwed in pleasure. along with his heart dropping and acids swirling in his stomach, isamu could feel the familar twirl of arousal low in his gut.

atsumu looked ethereal, his jaunty nature giving away to a sexy showpiece. his moans were high-pitched and soft, increasing in tempo with each hard thurst. isamu knew this was revolting, a nauseating show of incestous sodomy starting his only children. that didn't stop his

evident hard-on. when did this all start? when did the twins realise that they were the only fit for each other, the only jigjaw puzzle that was to complete. was it lonely nights without a parental figure, liquid courage fueling them up? was it an accident of sorts,

osamu grinding into atsumu's ass in a state of sleep? or was it- and does papa miya dare hope it was- when isamu made them promise to love each other the most in the world? how it might have started? was atsumu the one who roped his brother in thus debauched mess?

did osamu thirst after his brother's supple thighs and lidded eyes? or did he went ahead and raped atsumu without any qualms, the authority figure like a cloud finally giving away? guilt pricked at his skin when isamu thurst a hand in his pants, hissing softly at the contact

with his cock, fantasizing about a 17-something atsumu screaming and begging at his brother to stop fucking him raw, tears making ugly botches on his face, threatening that he would tell their dad. only if dad was there, he's take his favourite boy's virgin ass too.

atsumu, the real one, moaned particularly loud, and isamu opened his eyes to look, only to find atsumu staring straight at him. before panic could settle in, atsumu started bouncing even harder, fingers creeping towards his chest to pinch and twist at his nipples.

"daddy! daddy!", he cried out wantonly, and isamu's cock was so wet with precun he could probably use it as lube to double penetrate atsumu along with his twin. "yer daddy kink...", osamu sounded frustrated, out of all things. and oh. isamu had a epiphany.

atsumu was stroking his pretty cock, and kneading his tits, and rubbing his prostate into osamu's cock, all for /isamu/. it was isamu for whom atsumu was moaning like the sluttiest whore in existence, biting his lips, and gazing through fucked-out eyes.

daddy's sweetest peach didn't love his twin, no. his twin was just a replacement of papa miya's huge cock, osamu was only an unlucky substitute. with a muffled groan, isamu came in his pants. atsumu screamed at the same time, crying out 'papa', white painting his chest.

heavy breaths filled the room. osamu still hadn't come. "ah, 'samu!", atsumu whined at the overstimulation, as his brother planted his feet on the bed and fucked atsumu like a rabid bull. isamu only wanted atsumu to cry out /his/ name and thus was annoyed.

when his shouldering gaze met atsumu's, he licked his lips, taking in the seductive expression of his youngest son. now miya isamu knew his boys better than anyone.

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