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The (unending) sex and relationship relitigation on the timeline this last week is the inevitable result of the increasing derangement of sexual norms A "return to tradition", wherein the context that tradition existed in is gone, is LARPing. A new solution is required.

To elaborate: trads are trying to map historical relationship rites onto a modern cultural context where it makes no sense "Marry a good chaste woman, don't sleep around" is a useless roadmap for a man in his mid-20s today

There are basically none of those available, or there is hypercompetition for them What's in this deal for an average man? Nothing really, except rationalisation for his inceldom behind moral superiority. Bad deal!

The hot-blooded races, led by the Italians, recognise this increasing unmooring of norms and reject it, advocating for other solutions to the modern context. They hated @MedGold_ because he spoke the truth

Your wheatfield tradwyfe doesn't exist in the city. You can't divorce women from the cultural context in which they inhabit. They are slaves to the egregore, even when it harms them irreparably.

In our modern, urban context, there are no traditions that restrict women's negative behaviour or promote understanding of their fallen nature Navigating this requires learning the harsh lessons that only experience teaches

Maybe you disagree with @MedGold_'s solution, or nitpick his individual preferences, but the absence of cultural guardrails protecting male interests means men must learn to protect themselves There is a need for something that "tradition" cannot solve

And hence we return to our original issue: traditions are broken, and the only way out is through. You must reverse-engineer healthy sexual relations at an individual level. This means being both confident and capable with women, a skill you will only get with practice

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