Miyacest NSFW OsaAtsu Atsumu doesn’t know when he starts to notice that in all the porn that Osamu watches, whoever is on bottom is completely hairless. Smooth and silky looking. But once he does, he can’t stop noticing it. So he decides to try it on himself. He buys the at home

waxing strips, and starts around his cock. The pain isn’t too bad, and his skin feels like satin afterwards. Atsumu loves the feeling so much, that he continues everywhere. Under his arms, his legs, even around his hole. By the end of it, he has a pile of used wax strips and

the smoothest skin he’s ever had. Atsumu almost doesn’t want Osamu to see, to make snap judgments on why he did it. But he’s also excited, needs to know his brother’s reaction. The next day, after practice, Atsumu’s hands are practically shaking as he gets undressed. No one

is looking, except for Osamu. Always Osamu. Once he’s completely undressed, towel over his shoulder so it hides nothing, he hears Osamu’s shower caddy hit the floor. Spilling items everywhere. Atsumu glances over, makes eye contact that sends heat to his gut, and winks.

Osamu’s cheeks darken, wet mouth open. Atsumu takes that as his sign to leave his brother, and he slides into his normal stall. He barely gets to wetting his hair for his purple shampoo before he’s getting pushed up against the slick tile wall by his brother. Osamu stuffs his

fingers into Atsumu’s mouth before he can squeal and give them away. He places one hand low on Atsumu’s belly, thumb rubbing the soft skin there. “Didja get yerself so smooth just fer me?” Atsumu shivers as his brother presses in closer. Bodies wet and slick, touching from head

to toe. “Do ya feel like this everywhere?” Osamu’s hand runs over the skin around Atsumu’s cock, then pulls back to touch him between his cheeks. Atsumu doesn’t know if he moans or sobs, but the fingers and the water cover it either way. He nods as Osamu’s fingers circle

his hole. “Baby,” at least Osamu sounds wrecked too. “Yer killing me. Fucking killing me.” With his cum, and his brother’s, circling down the drain, Atsumu figures he has never had a better idea in his life.

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