// omegaverse , knotting , first heat/rut , NSFW , AtsuSaku #hqomegaverseweek2022 They say you present sometime after your 25th birthday and that the first person you want to spend you heat/rut with is your fated partner. Well apparently the universe hates Sakusa Kiyoomi. +

He’d woken up on the morning of his 25th birthday in a fever filled haze. He ached, he felt nauseated, and he had a game later that night to prepare for. Professional athletes play even when not feeling great and he would persevere through this. +

If he had been a little less feverish, he would have realized that he’d just presented as an omega. But his brain wasn’t thinking rationally. He’d slowly made his way out of his room in the MSBY house to try to eat something. Atsumu had been standing next to the counter +

munching on an onigiri and Sakusa moved instinctively, wrapping his arms around Atsumu’s waist, burying his head into the scent gland on Atsumu’s neck. The body underneath his froze at the unexpected touch. “Hi Omi,” Atsumu said slowly, “whatcha doin’?” +

Sakusa took a deep breath of the sweet smell, and said, “You smell good.” With one last whiff, Sakusa let go, grabbed the onigiri out of Atsumu’s hand, popped it into his own mouth and shuffled back to his own room. Not even 5 minutes later, Atsumu’s knocking on his bedroom+

door, calling out, “Omi, can ya open the door? I’ve got more food for ya.” And somehow that exchange ended with Sakusa stuck on Atsumu’s knot. Face to face. Literally stuck together. From food to fucking. +

“So, um, does this mean-” Sakusa slaps a hand over Atsumu’s mouth, “Don’t finish that sentence.” “But Omi,” Atsumu whines, “are we just supposed to sit here and pretend like this didn’t happen?” “I just need to think,” Sakusa snaps, willing the fog in his brain to clear+

Fact 1: He’s an omega. Fact 2: He’s in heat. Fact 3: Atsumu is an alpha. Fact 4: Atsumu and him had sex. Fact 5: Atsumu just knotted him. Atsumu’s cum is in him. Fact 6: He wants more. +

Atsumu moves his hips slightly but the knot doesn’t budge. “Omi, just so ya know, I’m clean.” “Me too,” Sakusa replies. “Kiyoomi?” Sakusa looks at him. “Can I touch ya?” Sakusa laughs. A fully belly laugh like he’s never laughed before. +

Atsumu looks like a mix between concerned and amused. Pointing down, Sakusa laughs, “You’re dick is literally stuck in me. Yes, you can touch me.” Atsumu reaches up to push Sakusa’s hair off his forehead, “Kiyoomi, I’m really glad ya chose me. I was waiting for ya.” +

“Shut up, you were not waiting,” Sakusa replies rolling his eyes. “Six months ago I found out I was an alpha. And I dreamed about you. Being with you…like this, Atsumu says, pressing a kiss to Sakusa’s scent gland. “Y-you did?” Sakusa breathes, hardly believing it +

“Mmm,” Atsumu says, nuzzling closer, “had to go through ruts alone. Waiting for ya.” Sakusa feels Atsumu’s knot release & his dick slip out of him but neither moves. He’s secretly been hoping for this, although he’d never admit it to Atsumu. “I guess it’s your lucky day.”+

“Guess so,” Atsumu grins, flipping them over so Sakusa is perched on top of his hips, “ready for round 2?” Sakusa smirks, leaning down to kiss Atsumu’s grinning lips, “Show me what you’ve got, alpha.” +

Needless to say, they both send Meian a text saying they won’t be at the game or practice for the next few days. And as they move together perfectly, Sakusa thinks that maybe the universe doesn’t actually hate him.

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