Marty⁷: a sucker for tattooed Sakusa Kiyoomi

Marty⁷: a sucker for tattooed Sakusa Kiyoomi



Omegaverse | Royalty AU | NSFW-ish Low, deep growls echo in the silence of the hall; the lewd sound of skin slapping against skin barely muffled by the door Atsumu stands vigilantly beside.

Despite the slick soaking through his pants, when a few minutes later the door opens and yet another Omega limps out of the Prince's chambers, Atsumu doesn't move an inch from his post.

At this point, Atsumu believes the prince does it on purpose– because he has lost count of the times he had to stand guard during the Prince’s rut.

The Alpha’s sandalwood scent permeates the hall, unrestricted – it’s warm and rich, so thick with arousal that his body leaks even more slick at the smell.

It is mixed with various different sweet and flowery scents– they belong to the Omegas the Prince is spending his rut with, but Atsumu thinks none of them blend well with the Alpha’s scent.

Despite himself, Atsumu’s body is still as affected by the prince’s pheromones as the first he got appointed to this job.

Atsumu didn’t become a knight– an Omega knight no less, out of sheer luck though, so he keeps his head high and expression neutral when he hears someone approach him from behind.

Atsumu has done this job enough times that he doesn’t need to turn, or glance, even, at the Alpha to know that he’s mostly naked– except for a thin black robe covering his modesty.

Judging by the way the wooden door frame creeks beside him, Atsumu guesses that the prince is leaning on the entrance of his chambers. Awaiting for the next rut partner is just an excuse; Atsumu knows.

Case in point. “Smells like you’ve been enjoying the show, Miya,” the Alpha’s voice is a low rumble, and it sends shivers down his body. “Sounded like ya were enjoying it more than I was, yer Highness.”

The Alpha purrs, pleased.He leans towards him before speaking again. “I can smell how wet you are for me,” he murmurs in his ear– and it takes all of Atsumu’s willpower to keep looking straight ahead of him; where he can spot the umpteenth Omega of the night walk towards them.

“It’s just a biological response, don't pop a knot thinking too hard about it,” then, as an afterthought, he adds, “yer Highness.” This is the closest he can get to mocking the prince.

The Alpha growls, more feral than he probably intended– his rut must be taking over once again. The prince’s new partner bows to them when she arrives before them, and hurries inside right after.

"Perhaps you shouldn’t be thinking too hard about it,” the prince moves away from him, “or you’ll end up making a mess of the floor.”

Atsumu can only bite his tongue and hold on tight to the sword handle at his side. “Fuckin’ bastard” Atsumu seethes through his teeth once the door closes behind Sakusa. 👀 Fin 👀


I got (at least) two more ideas set in this au so...stay tuned (?) 👀

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