A short thread on Zoro’s armament haki. Zoro specializes in armament haki. And he completely excels in this type. With the help of Mihawk, Zoro was able to refine his haki. And now he has remarkable insane armament.

First we’ll take a look at his fight against Pica. While Pica was not an extremely powerful opponent, his devil fruit, however, possessed a problem. As Pica was able to use it to evade, defend and create a literal giant. The palm of his hand alone was compared to a town!

Zoro was not only able to cut Pica's stone, and overpower Pica’s haki, but this was without a nick to his swords. Pica stated how invincible he was when covered in haki and was confident in his full body haki usage. But Zoro’s armament was stronger than Pica’s.

Without armament haki, a logia cannot be cut. When he fought Monet, he sent a long distant attack covered in armament. Crazy! If he would have used armament haki to finish Monet, she would have died. That fear and realization left Monet in terror.

Now this flow of haki is called Ryou. Which is the same as haki. The difference being swordsmen use haki to cover their weapons. It’s the flow of haki. Hyo does a very good job at explaining Ryou and how it is the same as Haki, yet different.

Enma was described to forcefully take the wielder's Ryou. In other words, Enma drains the user's haki. What I find interesting about this, Zoro’s intention was to cut a small branch. But when Enma tapped into Zoro’s haki, Enma was able to cut a coastline!

Because of the extra haki, Enma cuts more than it should. If Zoro didn’t have insane haki, he would turn to husk, or Enma would not be able casually cut the coastline! The introduction of Enma shows how insane Zoro haki is, as no other person but Oden was able to wield it

Zoro’s armament haki is strong enough to hold back King’s Zoan attack. The same attack which had Sanji, in his raidsuit, struggling. If it wasn’t for Sanji’s sturdy suit, he would be dead. But Zoro was able to defend against an attack like this with his armament coated swords!

While we didn’t get to see it, the only explanation for Zoro surviving a pointblank explosion from King, is full body armament. Zoro heavily implies he used it. Zoro’s armament haki was able to withstand the massive deadly explosion!

While cutting King is an Advanced Conqueror's feat, I wanted to point out, not only did Zoro cut King, but also chopped off his wing and his armament coated sword. With Conqueror's haki added to Zoro’s kit, & his already insane armament, Zoro’s haki has grown tremendously in Wano

Kaido is a monster. Air slashes that can easily chop someone’s arm off, and have an expert haki user like Luffy react despite having armament as well. Zoro was able to easily deflect such an attack and have no damage to his weapon because of how strong his armament is.

Interestingly, the first time Zoro attacks Kaido he does not use armament. This could simply be because Enma is quick to take Zoro’s haki. Zoro notes he’s holding back. However, when Zoro decides to coat his attack in armament, there is a clear difference.

While it’s hard to tell, because the poor Marimo is stopping the strongest combined attack in the series so far, there is no doubt Zoro coated his swords in armament haki to be able to protect them. As a nick or scratch is seen as shame to a swordsman. Talk about insane!

Zoro’s armament haki was strong enough to cut Kaido! He clashes with Kaido and is able to scar him! It is unclear if Zoro used Advanced Conqueror's. However, with the lack of black lightning, I will go with armament haki feat. Zoro’s haki was already insane before Conqueror's!

Thank you for reading!

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