Be Self Mastered

Be Self Mastered



Semen Retention experience timeline: Day 1 to 120+

Days 1-4: Not much to notice. More time available. Urges to relapse are high. On edge at times.

Days 5-8: An increase in energy is detected. Lifting weights, 5k run, 1hr walk. It is not rare to achieve all three in one day and remain energetic thereafter. Lifts are stronger. Testosterone increases +145%. Feelings of guilt and shame subside.

Days 9-14: Self confidence rises. Striking up conversation with strangers is much more natural. No surprise this is the case when you are not degrading yourself anymore. Desire to adopt new positive habits surges. Overall outlook on life brightens.

Days 15-30: Mental clarity rises, brain fog falls. The reversing of abusing supernormal dopamine charges allows your receptors to regenerate & sensitize. Focus becomes easier. The brain stays concentrated on one thing for longer. Sustained eye contact with others is common.

Days 31-60: An intense theme of presence occurs regularly. Joy is found in everything. Looking at trees, drinking coffee, cooking a meal. Anything that does not serve my purpose is removed from my life. Creative ideas and interests are appearing daily.

Days 61-120: Huge drive in determination to create a better life for myself. Spiritual awakening from Day 100. A broader sense of identity within the self and the rest of the world arises. Meditation transcends intentionally. Urge to indulge in PMO is now non-existent.

Days 120+: Nothing can stop me achieving my mission. Everything is beautiful. Every day is a blessing. Nothing fazes me. A fulfilling sense of purpose in this world. Extreme discipline in all aspects of life. Burning desire to acquire wisdom.

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