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Dave Kline



7 hard conversations confident leaders handle with ease:

Who: Your Stars Goal: Align on Clear Expectations People will follow if you lead with humility & clarity - What shared values unite this team? - What does winning look like? - What am I missing?

Who: Your Underperformers Goal: Level Up or Leave You need people in the right seat or off the bus - Why are they struggling - Skill or Will? - Why do you have confidence they'll improve? - Why do they want to continue - Ego or Growth?

Who: Your Peers Goal: Build Mutual Support You cannot thrive in an organization alone - How can we remove friction between our teams? - How can collaboration unlock a new level? - How can I support your goals?

Who: Your Boss Goal: Make Your Team Indispensable Align your goals to ensure they achieve their goals - What is their professional ambition? - What are they being held accountable to? - What problem is my team uniquely suited to solve?

Who: Your Customers Goal: Understand Their Pain No matter your role, you exist to serve someone - What is causing them acute pain? - What have they tried before to solve the issue? - What is the value of resolving the problem permanently?

Who: Your Network Goal: Fuel Positive Sum Growth Accelerate collisions that generate connections & value - How can I add value expecting nothing in return? - How can I attract like-minded leaders? - How can I help someone skip a step?

Who: Yourself Goal: Convince Yourself You're Capable The stories we tell ourselves matter: - What's the worst that would happen if I fail? - What's the best that happens when I succeed? - What's the one thing I can offer that no one else can?

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