Marty⁷: a sucker for tattooed Sakusa Kiyoomi

Marty⁷: a sucker for tattooed Sakusa Kiyoomi



NSFW | skts Kiyoomi is mindlessly sitting on the sofa; legs spread wide open and head thrown back against the top of the backrest. A pleased sigh leaves his lips when Atsumu starts mouthing at his neck, following the pattern of his tattoo.

Kiyoomi grips Atsumu's hips tighter, thumbs pressing into his back dimples. Atsumu is straddling his hips, hovering just above the tent in his sweats– but Kiyoomi doesn't urge him to press closer.

It would defeat the whole purpose of taking things slow, even though the pace is as maddening as it is relaxing.  Atsumu moves away from his neck and, still following the swirls of his tattoo, goes lower and lower –

till his mouth reaches the metal on his nipple, and nips at that instead.  His hips snap upward on instinct, chasing a non-existent friction, but Atsumu's hands are quick to leave their position on either side of Kiyoomi's face to grip and pull at his curly, still moist hair.

The action drags a low rumble out of him, which turns into a hiss when Atsumu bites hard on his sensitive, pierced nub. "Stay still darlin', " Atsumu's breath tickles his wet nipple, sending a pleasant shiver down his body.

"Can't have ya this needy already. I'm only at the appetizer." Kiyoomi grunts. "You usually inhale your appetizer." "Ya didn't think I'd have the patience to savor it slowly?" Atsumu chuckles, releasing his grip on Kiyoomi's hair.

Then, Atsumu kisses his nipple– it's quick and dry, and does little to soothe the pulsing soreness of his nub. "There," Atsumu says, looking up at him with a playful challenge swimming in his eyes, "I kissed it better."

"It didn't work," Kiyoomi hums; hands moving down Atsumu's hips to grab his thighs, "try again."

Keeping eye contact, Atsumu takes his nipple back in his mouth – he suckles on it, laps at it; and luckily the metal bar on Atsumu's tongue doesn't interfere with Kiyoomi's own piercings.

When Atsumu finally grinds down on him, Kiyoomi breaks eye contact and gently throws his head back against the backrest once again– a low moan breaks the silence of his living room.

Kiyoomi doesn't pull Atsumu down harder on his cock; preferring to just keep his hands still on Atsumu's thighs– he loves to feel Atsumu's thick muscle work under his grip.

Atsumu, instead, decides to put his own hands in action. His fingertips are feather light on his burning skin – one of Atsumu's hands stop to play with his untouched nipple, while the other keeps its touch light down on his side.

The same side where his tendrils of smoke tattoo reaches his V line, following the outline of his hip bone, till the tattoo disappears under the waistband of his sweats.

Only when he can go no lower Atsumu unlatches his mouth from his overstimulated nub. Atsumu rises up to his level and kisses him. It's unhurried. It's slow and deep– yet it leaves them breathless.

Atsumu bites his bottom lip, pulling at it with his teeth, before slowly dropping to his knees; between Kiyoomi's spread legs. Atsumu doesn't make any move to remove his sweats, mouthing at the print of his erection through the fabric instead.

Kiyoomi feels his breath get stuck in his throat, because Atsumu on his knees before him is always a sight to behold – especially when he looks up at him and there's that glint of aroused hunger in his eyes.

He moans, unrestricted, when Atsumu starts suckling on the tip of his cock – sweats still on, eyes staring into his. "Time for the full course meal, darlin'." 👅 Fin 👅

Idk what this is pls pretend you didn't read this 😭 also it's un-betaed so...if it makes zero sense... Anyways. This is a byproduct of me not being able to put into words my ideas bc this is not the vibe I was going for. Like. At all.

I will have to rewrite my idea because this is so wildly different from what I had in mind


If you're wondering what Sakusa's tattoo looks like...Arczi got you covered

Here's another example 😭

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