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Skts training camp where atsumu has a girlfriend but he finds out Omi (his roomate) is gay and he gets /curious/ so he asked omi for a kiss and it blows his mind and now he can't forget about him

They're in their third year on the training camp and they already know each other so Atsumu asked him for a kiss just to get rid of the itch, he doesn't think is cheating because he's not gay and Omi says no he's not a test on google or something and atsu teases

"oww why not is it your fist kiss or what? I'm a good kisser ya know" omi gets tired of it and slams him against the door and kisses him /hard/ "there, happy now?" Atsumu can't even answer because he's all flustered.

The next day everything goes normal, they don't talk about it until they're getting ready for bed, when Omi comes back from the bathroom atsumu stand up and gets really close "kiss me" "I thought you weren't gay, don't you have a girlfriend?" "She doesn't kiss me like you do"

omi let loose all the auto control he has and they ended up making out and sleeping on the same bed. The next day Atsumu was distracted watching omi because they were walking side to side and he fell off "omi omi I'm hurt take me to the nurse" "you just trip Miya you can walk"

one of the coaches asked Omi to take him so they went and when they were far enough of the rest of the people Atsumu got them inside of a storage room and slammed Omi against the door and the whole camp was like that, sneaking out and having their moments at night,

the last day they were cuddling both thinking the other was sleeping until atsumu said "omi what are we going to do when we get back" "you are going back to you girlfriend right" "I'm gonna break up with her" "oh then I don't know... I can take a train to you and

you can stay in my house" Atsumu turned out to watch omi "REALLY" "yes if you want to" he hugged omi and kissed all his face "so we are boyfriends right? You are my boyfriend" "you look really excited for someone who's not gay" "shut up omi!!"

Idk just atsumu finding out his sexuality, he's bi but he likes omi more than anyone and omi finally kissing his crush but he ain't gonna say that out loud

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