#sakuatsu college au flirting, nsfw mentions (where they both have slept with ushijima) (separately) "Hi there Omi-kun, did ya know that–" "Who are you and why are you calling me that?"

Atsumu keeps himself from sputtering at the immediate interruption of his flirting (he was just about to tell a fun fact about stars and planets and how Sakusa's dark eyes shine with the same rare intensity certain orbs do).

Laughing it off, he settles on answering the questions he got thrown at. Damn his taste for stoic bastards. "Miya Atsumu," he nods once, "and don't ya think Omi sounds cute?"

"You think I'm cute, Miya?" Sakusa asks, one eyebrow moving up questioningly, and Atsumu's gaze is drawn to the little moles above it, which are indeed very cute. It took Atsumu almost the entire semester to finally have the guts to talk to /the/ Sakusa Kiyoomi.

Business student, second semester. Dark curls, sharp jawline. Tall and handsome – and absolutely Atsumu's type. He had eyes for the man ever since the start of semester party, and now, 4 months later, he finally decides to approach him.

Not that Atsumu had no opportunities to try that in the past. There were plenty. But Sakusa - he feels special. Dry humor, intelligent and hard working, and equipped with the most intense gaze Atsumu has ever seen.

From up close, Atsumu realizes how dark Sakusa's eyes really are. How can they lack so much color but look so beautiful at the same time? "To be honest," he says, deciding it's now or never, "cute doesn't even begin to describe what I would call you."

"I dearly hope it's not all related to my looks," Sakusa says. He chooses that exact moment to pull down the mask on his face, revealing the rest of his beautiful face and a small smirk on his lips. Oh damn.

"As much as I like looking at ya, we wouldn't be talking now if I didn't know you're smart as hell." "Well then, that's a compliment I'm taking." Atsumu snorts and is suddenly unable to hold back a laugh at the direct response.

He decides that the questioning look on Sakusa's face is indeed a cute look on him. "It's nothing,” Atsumu starts explaining, “your expression just reminds me of someone, that's all. But my gut tells me ya two would probably be on the same wavelength too." "Do I know them?"

"Doubt it. He's an older student, math tutor, but I don't think that you of all people needed extra studying– " "Ushijima Wakatoshi?" The name alone is enough for Atsumu's gut to stir with excitement. "You know Ushiwaka?"

"I... yes. We know each other." Sakusa's fingers visibly tighten around the beer bottle in his hand. "And you know him through the course?" "Uh, yeah. He's really a great tutor, looking like he doesn't give a shit about you on the outside, but he actually cares a lot,

just in his own way,” Atsumu muses, running his hand through his hair. “We even went out for drinks with the course once, you know, like a bonding activity,” Atsumu laughs,

“and then we accidentally slept with each other, but that wasn't planned in the slightest and– " "You had sex with Ushijima?" Damn his fast mouth. What a way to flirt, telling your current crush about someone you hooked up with once. No matter how mind-blowing the sex had been.

"Yeah, but it was only a one-time thing last month, and we... " Atsumu trails off, realization dawning on him as he takes in Sakusa’s wide eyes. Has he been sleeping – and now flirting – with people who are in a committed relationship?

"Please don't tell me I've slept with yer boyfriend– I swear, I thought he was single– " "Calm down, he's not my boyfriend,” Sakusa says, rolling his eyes. “Against your assumption I wouldn't need any additional learning,

I decided to take the compact course he offers before the semester starts. And we..." Sakusa shifts on his feet, eyes avoiding him. A new realization hits Atsumu even harder. "Oh shit, you had sex with Ushiwaka too."

Sakusa takes a long sip instead of answering the question that was more a rhetorical statement anyway. "Jeez Omi,” he laughs, “you look exactly like I feel when I think about that man." "How do I look to you?" Lowering the bottle from his lips, Sakusa faces him again.

Atsumu huffs, taking big gulps of his beer himself before answering. "Incredibly horny." He stares right back into these pretty dark eyes. “Like you want to consume the person you’re thinking about.”

Now at the latest would be a good time to call Sakusa cute, if he hadn’t done that already. The blush creeping up on Sakusa’s face is adorable, but it brings a grin to Atsumu’s face, knowing the color in his cheeks is due to memories of the same man.

“I wouldn’t say horny per se,” Sakusa says, “but I can appreciate a good fuck.” “God, you really seem to be a lot like him.” “What makes you say that again?”

“He’s had the same business-like approach to things like ya seem to have. Like, he asked me what kind of flavored lube I’d like to use.” “He asked me the same,” Sakusa shrugs, “but I didn’t think anything of it.” “So you just have several flavored lubes at home at any time?”

“No, but I thought it might just be something other people do.” Atsumu laughs again, his tongue briefly darting out to lick his lips. His taste in men might be more obvious than he thought.

“Which one did you choose?” Sakusa asks, eyeing him curiously. “Cherry of course.” “That’s not as obvious as you might think. Of course I chose the flavorless one.”

Atsumu waits a few seconds, but Sakusa seems to be serious. “If ya have the choice between cherry, peach and 𝘧𝘭𝘢𝘷𝘰𝘳𝘭𝘦𝘴𝘴 lube, at least choose peach, dude.” “Thanks, but I don’t see the need. Flavorless is just– why are you grinning like an idiot now, Miya?”

// a part 2 will come around~ i'm also planning to upload these to ao3 as a whole when i'm finished

part 2 is up(;

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