I'll admit I got carried away with the proportions a bit. I didn't even think the Fantasy-2-Reality app would work or that the user profiles got switched. My girlfriend ended up with a big black cock and I was in the body of a petite Asian slut. "I can't believe you did this."

"You surprise! You no Asian slut crave black cock." "Why are you talking like that?" "App. App make me this way. I no speak English good." "Just a fresh off the boat slut looking for a big cock to fuck." "Yes! I need cock!" "Goddamn, that's kinda hot." "Mr. have big cock."

"Mr. you stretch pussy big time. You so big and me so horny." "I think something is happening, Babe. I can feel something happening in my mind. I think the app is taking us over." "App, Mr? No app, fuck." "Oh, shit! It is! I can feel myself becoming...damn girl, you'z tight."

"Let's see how much you can take." "Mr. please...too deep! Too big!" "Na, Babe. You feel good. Take it all balls deep, Babe. I like to destroy tight pussy." "Mr. hurt. Pussy hurt." "Jus relax, Bae. T's gonna make it all better."

"See, you'z startin' to loosen up. My cock feels good, don't it, Bae." "Cock still hurt. Hurt and feel good too. Me want more cock in pussy." "You want it, Bae, you'z got it. I'ma gonna fill yo pussy up with T's big black meat." "Yes, Mr, YES!"

"So, Bae, you like pie?" "Pie? Why talk food? We fuck." "No, creampie." "What creampie?" "I'll show you." "Mr. make cum again. Is too much." "No, Bae, not when I'm so close. Oh...FUCK!" "Mr cum in me!" *ding- End session "Okay that fantasy was nuts." "No kidding. Want another?"

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