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I bring $1Mn in sales in less than 15 months. Here's the 11 things I learned hard way to become a top sales performer:

1. Selling is all about listening: - selling is 80% listening and 20% talking - Don't listen to reply or manipulate listen to understand - Let them finish what they've in their mind

2. Identify their problems: - What problems they're facing? - What's their challenges? - Are they tried anything to solve this problem before?

3. Be trusted advisor: - Don't try to sell or pitch your product immediately - Understand deeply where they want to go - What is their desired goals? - Is your product help them to achieve their goals?

4. Help them to achieve their goals: - Understand their current position - If they're at A and want to achieve B (Desire results) - Explain them how your product fill that gap and help them to achieve B

5. Don't be pushy salesperson: - Be Confident. - Show your authenticity - Speak clearly why they'll trust on you instead of competition - people don't like to be sold they love to buy

6. Empathy: - Create empathy by recognising their fears - Label their fears and do accusation audit - They'll understand how deeply you sense their needs

7. Storytelling: - People don't buy product they buy stories - share the story of your old client how you help them to achieve their desired goals - Don't sell your product on facts sell your product on stories.

8. Emotion 80% > Logic 20% - peoples are emotional decision makers - psychology says we don't take decisions on logic we take decisions on emotions. - Use these stories to activate their emotional thinking mode.

9. Get better at sales: Replace these things • Talking → Listening • Excitement → Neutrality • Neediness → Detachment • product pitching → problem finding • surface level questions → deep questions

10. Relationship: - Connect with them emotionally - Don't Just get on the call and try to pitch your product - Understand them as a human being - Ask personal questions - Make them dominant in the conversation - Do casual talk other than business - Listen. Listen. Listen!!!

11. Be patient: Be Impatient with your actions, but be patient with your results. - Sales is not for the impatient peoples - Be patient and let them decide what's best for them. More the patience you've, greater the salesperson you'll become.

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