I know at least a handful of guys who grew up without strong male role models either due to divorce, apathy, socioeconomics, w/e, who are right thinking, pissed off, adjusting course, but who don't have the experience of acting/doing/being- in a way that's really effective

They went along with the herd and are gelded either by their upbringing or their circumstances where if they had gotten leadership/action skills before the age of 20 they'd be more apt to do something instead of smarmily bitching like everyone else.

Idk where I'm going with this. I guess the real underdiscussed crime The System perpetrates is waste. People, men especially get their time and talents wasted by a system which hasn't appropriately recompensed them since at least the 60s.

I was a wild child, which made my dad happy, and I was also raised by men, grew up doing man work, so when I moved to a new school district in HS I was able to (I hesitate to say it) sigma my way out of being gelded like so many others.

I can just see it and it drives me crazy. If his dad had been around he wouldn't have done X. If is parents didn't have such a hell marriage he probably wouldn't/ would have done Y. It's the waste which is the sin. So many life hours down the drain. Oof.

Providence and economic circumstances made me spend time at work with my dad, and the older I get the more I realize how much this not only helped me, but saved me from falling into emotional traps that only work if you've been under the yoke of schoolmarms most of your life.

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