10 tweets about the obesity of the abdomen also known as potbelly or a belly fat #ManDay

1. The abdomen is the first place to accumulate fats when people get fat. It will also be the last to get lean when you begin losing weight.

2. Belly fat is a result of a fatty liver pouring excess fats into the abdomen. Any person with a pot belly has a fatty liver.

3. A belly fat begins behaving like an organ. It secretes hormones like GHRELIN that make you hungry all the time. It also promotes the active breakdown of testosterone to estrogen in a process called aromatization. This is why a man with a potbelly behaves like a woman.

4. You cannot target belly fat. You must first lose the entire body fat and get to a body fat percentage of below 15%. The lower abdomen has stubborn fats because it has more alpha receptors that cling to fats and refuse to release these fats easily.

5. Sit-ups, crunches, bicycle kicks and other "abs exercises" cannot cut a potbelly. Most of the time these execises target hip extensor muscles. You will also hurt your lower back.

6. Layers of fat around your abdomen loosen your core muscles and weaken your perineal muscles. This means poor sex stamina and loose anal sphincter, especially in women, that's why fat women fart a lot during sex.

7. It will take you up to 3 years to lose the pot belly. Ignore the snake oil merchants who promise you quick solutions. Just walking 10,000 steps a day will give you better results than the useless slimming pills they sell.

8. Drinking hot water, lemon, ginger, slimming pills or slimming belts will not help you. You must put in the work. It took you at least 4 years to grow a potbelly, what makes you think you will lose it in 4 months?

9. Jumping aerobics in the gym or running daily may sound good to you but will not help much. You will inflame your joints, lose focus and go back home with your big stomach. Focus on healthy dietary habits. If your nutrition system is faulty, your results will be faulty.

10. Meat does not cause a pot belly. Sugar, wheat, maize flour, alcohol, fruit juices and energy drinks will cause a pot belly. Seed oils will inflame your liver and worsen the abdominal fats.

Bonus: To lose a pot belly - Eliminate sugar & carbs - OMAD at 5-7 pm - Eat proteins - Compound lifting 3x a week - Consistency for 3 years Start with a simple meal basket here:

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