Skts Kiyoomi grew up on those old black and white movies, the ones that seemed to really exaggerate the passionate kiss scene with the lead throwing their head back and being completely taken in by their partner.

Those were the only movies his grandparents had, so he watched them often. As he grew, he got taller than the majority of his classmates and figured the chance for him to be swept up and kissed like that since he towered over mostly everyone.

The angle to throw his head back completely would be off, and only a handful of men were taller than him, let alone pique his interest. But imagine his surprise at the MSBY bar night, when he’s sitting on a stool and Miya Atsumu stands at the perfect height.

And after Kiyoomi tilts his head backward, Atsumu grips Kiyoomi’s hair to keep him still and sweeps him up in a passionate, deep and messy kiss, exactly like the ones he’s always seen on television.

He just didn’t know that it would unlock another secret, with Atsumu tangling his fingers in the strands and probably making a catastrophe at the back of his head but good god, did he want to keep them there. And anyway, does height really matter once he’s horizontal?

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