Omegaverse, tribal life, sort of 5+1 story (5 times Omi showed Atsu he gave a shit and 1 time Atsu actually reciprocated) Atsumu felt heartbroken and betrayed when his father announced he was going to be mated to Kiyoomi. He, the prittiest Omega in the tribe, the one everybody

wanted was forced to spend his life with the biggest social recluse and meanest asshole ever. Atsumu’s dreams to be with Kita were crushed and it was all Kiyoomi’s fault. The tribe elders hoped that a permanent mate would mellow him down, make him more obedient and sociable.

Atsumu could see that nothing really changed. The Alpha was still insufferable, obnoxiously rude and blunt. The only thing that changed was the fact that now he was getting laid regularly, happy to exploit his privilages as Atsumu’s mate. Kiyoomi was the worst, Atsumu thought

bitterly, upset. Until suddenly, everything changed. I. The Full Moon Hunt was a big celebration the tribe prepared for for weeks. Everybody wanted in on the action, food and drinks. It was always lots of fun and Atsumu gladly participated. But of course with his luck,

the day of the celebrarion greeted him with a pounding head and an upset stomach. He felt terrible enough to stay in bed the entire day. It was clear he wasn’t going anywhere. Kiyoomi eyed him from a safe distance before he got ready and left to celebrate with the others.

Atsumu expected that. He still remembered how upset Osamu was when Suna left him sick at home to have fun. But what Atsumu didn’t expect was for Kiyoomi to come back. The Alpha brought Atsumu’s favourites and helped him eat small portions, storing away the rest. Then

he lied down and hugged Atsumu from the back, crooning softly i to his ear and massaging his stomach. Atsumu fell asleep sated and well-taken care of. II. “No.” The Omega—Oikawa—pouted but it didn’t change the Alpha’s answer. The rest of the Alphas quickly agreed, forbiding

their mated from jumping from a cliff into water. They said it was too dangerous and not worth the risk. It didn’t stop them from having fun themselves though. Atsumu pouted and looked at Kiyoomi who came only because he was forced by his sister. He didn’t seem thrilled but

not upset either. He raised his eyebrows, seeing Atsumu’s face. “What?” Kiyoomi asked. “I didn’t say you couldn’t.” Atsumu gasped but bailed as quickly as possible before he could change his mind. And so Atsumu was the only Omega permitted to jump and have fun with Kiyoomi

sitting next to his Omega sister and being lazy. what else could Omi do?😃

III. "Can't believe they let him mate my Kiyoomi," one of the Omegas growled, eyeing Atsumu disdainfully. "Such a whore shouldn't be mated to our best hunter." Atsumu saw red but didn't even twitch, focused on collecting some fruits and herbs. A whore? He'd never let

an Alpha mount him before Kiyoomi, thank you very much. His pretty face wasn't the only reason he had many suitors. It was also because he had standards and wanted only his mate to touch him. He thought it would be Kita, but it didn't matter. He was still pure when

Kiyoomi first took him to bed. Also, he couldn't believe there were Omegas after that fucking asshole. Atsumu really didn't see the appeal, Kiyoomi was insufferable most of the time, had high expectations, scolded Atsumu for being messy and lazy, and refused to touch

Atsumu's attempts at cooking. He didn't like the way Atsumu cleaned and usually told him to leave, so he could do it his way. It was driving Atsumu up the wall. He would gladly give the Alpha to that thirsty bitch if he wanted him so badly.

"Last I checked, it wasn't Atsumu who was caught with his legs spread for an unmated Alpha," a grumpy voice said, catching the attention of all Omegas in the meadow. "Save yourself some dignity and stop badmouthing others. I would rather die than mate you anyway." Kiyoomi's gaze

moved to Atsumu who was staring at him with his mouth hanging open. The rest of the Omegas didn't dare to say a word, all surprised the Alpha came and said anything. Kiyoomi waved Atsumu closer. The Omega listened, aware of the stares. When he looked at Kiyoomi, the Alpha

stuck a fluffy cap onto his head. It covered his ears perfectly and had a cute, fluffy fox tail on the back. "Seems okay," Kiyoomi murmured. Atsumu touched the cap, realizing Kiyoomi had to hunt a small fox to get him that. Atsumu had been complaining his ears were freezing and

he'd never had anything to cover them. It seemed that it would be the first winter with his ears intact. "You will pay for it at night. I want to see that pretty mouth stretched on my knot," Kiyoomi said lowly right into Atsumu's ear, making them go red in seconds.

Nobody could see it, though, because they were covered by a fluffy cap. The Alpha hummed to himself and left as if nothing happened, leaving Atsumu flustered and the rest of the Omegas lost for words.

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