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"Good mornin', Omi." Atsumu greets him as he enters their dorm's kitchen, curly hair sticking to every direction, eyes puffy with sleep and sweatpants low on his hips, hand reaching up to scratch his bare chest. "Mornin'." He reaches the fridge and opens it,

Gulping a great amount of water quickly after, and as the cold liquid wakes him up a little more, Kiyoomi watches as Atsumu reaches up for a mug, white oversized t-shirt lifting up with the motion, showing tight, red booty shorts that leave nothing to the imagination.

He doesn't get to enjoy the sight of thick thighs and firm ass as the water goes a total different direction, making him choke and cough loudly, bringing the other's attention. "Omi-kun!" The blonde moves quickly to his side, rubbing his back as he calms down.

"God. Ya scared the shit out of me, I thought ya'd die!" Kiyoomi coughs softly, shock still present. "Trust me, if I ever die, it'll be your fault." Atsumu rolled his eyes and turned back, not before sticking his tongue out. And he wasn't lying, Miya would be the death of him.

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