Harishree Karthik

Harishree Karthik



I have 1 yr of immigration status left in the US. I have lived here since I was 7 yrs old and I'm 21 now. I have no feasible pathway to stay in this country permanently, let alone citizenship. Last year my father, who is the principal #visa holder, suffered a heart attack (1)

My family was terrified of losing him, our visa status, and being deported. Visa immigrants are the fastest growing population of folks becoming undocumented- why is no one talking about this? The US #Immigration system is broken on the undocumented AND documented side. (2)

Undocumented folks are blamed for entering without status when most are overstaying their visas. GC #backlog folks are blamed for โ€œtaking awayโ€ jobs even though there is a massive labor shortage in the US. Politicians pit our communities against each other and we let them (3)

If the system offered visas with feasible pathways to citizenship...if the system valued immigrants as people with lives contributing to this country... maybe there wouldn't be an "undocumented" population (4)

Politicians will continue to put immigrants at the end of their agenda...They could care less because we're not the ones #voting. We need citizen allies now more than ever. Please speak up to support us- all of us (5)

All immigrant groups at the end of the day have the same goals and struggles. It is important to not point fingers and band together to amplify our voices, support one another, and hopefully cause change. (6)

Please go follow @_TheHiddenDream to learn more about kids in my situation. They also make great resources like workshops, scholarships, support groups, job referrals, and more! (7)

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