Bri Kimmel

Bri Kimmel



1/ Why the next professional network will look nothing like LinkedIn: • Resumes are dead • SaaS tools own daily utility + community • Top talent look for A+ hiring managers It's built for evenings and weekends, it's collaborative & social🤩

2/ LinkedIn is now 16 years old It represents the end of the corporate era Resumes define people by keywords & credentials❌ Recruiters love them, people don't New networks praise contribution and original ideas Progress & growth aren't reliant on day job @ThePracticalDev

3/ Value lives behind a paywall. Want to connect with like-minded people, apply for jobs or find better work? It’ll cost you $29.99/month. Paid network, visibility, access❌ New networks give users full control of their content, distribution + ability to get paid $$

4/ New professional networks are native to daily workflows: Resume is dead & your work speaks for itself. Who's viewing your profile❌ Share your work, build an audience and allow followers to clone your work Thousands of people are 'cloning' your designs

5/ Top talent seek for A+ managers LinkedIn built for recruiters and people who benefit from superficial connections ❌ New networks focus on contribution & interactions, top talent seek manager based on values, leadership principles & career trajectory @platohq

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