mari is lost in 🇯🇵

mari is lost in 🇯🇵



SakuAtsu // nsfw A tipsy Kiyoomi is a flirtatious fiend, one that is incorrigibly hot and horny, succumbing to his unbridled desires. So Atsumu finds it unsurprising, really, when he’s pinned against the wall as soon as they step into the genkan,

his toes barely touching the ground as Kiyoomi hoists him up and ravishes his lips like a starved man. “What the- When did ya get /this/ hard?!” Atsumu gasps when Kiyoomi moves down to hail attention to his chest, his clothed cock grinding on Atsumu’s thigh in earnest.

“I dunno,” Kiyoomi shrugs, trailing love bites along his clavicle. “Since high school, I think?” he huffs with a smirk, so deviously handsome, it catches Atsumu off guard. Atsumu preens at the confession; he lets out a broken sob and bucks his hips forward, hands clawing

at Kiyoomi’s back. Two digits slip into his tight heat, and Atsumu could only throw his head back in abandon, his cheeks burning and his eyes hazy, the sounds threatening to slip past his mouth downright sinful yet oh so sweet.

His mind will process how and when his clothes have been peeled off his body, fancy dress slacks now pooling their feet. For now, he can’t will himself to focus on anything but reining in the desperate need to feel Kiyoomi deep inside him,

stifling wanton cries for “moremoremore,” hoping and praying they don’t wake their neighbors.

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