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Do you often feel bloated or heavy after having a meal? You might just be drinking water the wrong way! FIVE TIPS ON DRINKING WATER THE AYURVEDIC WAY: How much water should you drink? When should you drink it? Before meals /After meals? Cold water/ Warm water ? THREAD🧵

1) How much water should you drink everyday? Anything that goes inside the body needs digestion. Don't mindlessly gulp down water to fulfill the requirement of 8-10 glasses of water. Pay attention to your body's signal of thirst and body will take care of your hydration.

2) When should you drink water? Before meals or after meals ? Ayurveda says you should avoid drinking water immediately before or after meals and, Instead sip on little quantities of water along with meals. For example, ⤵️

Consider kneading a dough, If you put a lot of water just before kneading, it will dilute the flour, On the other hand if we immediately put water after kneading, the lumps will start floating, So, What do we do instead?

We put little water in between the process, It will help in efficient kneading and binding of dough. That's exactly how it works for the body. Sip on little quantities in between the meals and, Have major intake of water 30-40 minutes after the meals.

3) How should we drink water? Should we sit or stand? It's about attention. Ayurveda focuses a lot on attention and posture! Sitting and consuming anything makes you more attentive of what and how much of what is going inside your body. Sit & Sip! Don't stand & Chug!

4) Waking up & drinking lukewarm water first in the morning. Our bodies demand water right after we wake up, but we often end up ignoring it owing to our busy schedules! 2 glasses of lukewarm water first thing in the morning and, your gut is set for the entire day!

5) What kind of water is preferable? Warm water, hot water or cold water? Ayurveda believes digestion is the sole activity you need to take care of. So, Cold water hampers digestion, whereas lukewarm water helps it! #ayurveda

These were the Five tips on drinking water the Ayurvedic way! How many do you follow already? If you find it useful, RT and share it with people as well! #ayurveda #ayurvedanutrition

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