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How to make $5,000/month on YouTube as a beginner (starting with only $5) - Thread -

1. Research video ideas Succeeding on YouTube isn’t just about making lots of videos It’s about making the RIGHT videos This is what trips up most beginners Fortunately, there’s a tool to help you find promising video ideas…

With TubeBuddy you can research high opportunity keywords I always aim for keywords with a score of 70 or higher Once you rank for these terms you’ll start getting more views by the day All for the cost of a coffee!

2. Write and voice script Assuming you have a computer and internet connection Writing scripts is completely free Use your video ideas to create structured scripts with: - Hook - Intro - Body - End Then you need to add on some voice…

If you hate your voice or don’t have a mic…don’t worry With Clipchamp, you can get a high quality voiceover for free Just paste in your script and download the voiceover file

3. Create video Next, you need to create the video You have two options: 1. Film yourself on your smartphone 2. Use stock video If you choose the latter, use free sites like: - Unsplash - Pexels - Pixabay Then, edit your video in Clipchamp

4. Design Thumbnails You don’t need an expensive software like Photoshop to make great thumbnails For years I used MS PowerPoint and make many viral videos Another great source is Canva Pro Tip: Always make your thumbnail prompt intrigue

5. Monetize Monetizing on YouTube can be entirely free No need to build, buy or host products For instance, you can: - Earn ad revenue - Sell a service - Sell someone else’s product Here’s an income example…

Affiliate offer: 50,000 views x 1% conversion x $10 sign up commission= $5,000 No upfront cost, no set up…nothing You create content and drive traffic to an offer It’s that simple…

If you want to get to $5k/mo in half the time Get my guide Tube Ignite (50% off next 5 copies ONLY): If you enjoyed this thread, please RT the first tweet Follow me for more YouTube wisdom: @Adam_DelDuca

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