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11 automation tools that will save you hundreds of hours of work (you'll thank me later):

We only have 24 hours a day, and we cannot waste those hours doing repetitive and unproductive work. Here are some tools to make your life easy

1. Zapier It is a no-code workflow automation process for large and small teams.

2. Make Integrate 1000s of apps in this no-code visual platform. Use this platform to connect apps, design workflows & build processes. It also has many free templates and is affordable to use.

3. Pabbly Connect A very affordable and high-value workflow automation tool for solopreneurs and teams.

4. Alloy A no-code platform that connects 200+ apps and platforms so you can access all of the data in one place.

5. Levity It is a simple AI-based platform for documents, images, and text, that automates your daily repetitive tasks.

6. Mailparser Mailparser allows you to extract data from your emails & attachments and get structured data back however you like. Automate your workflow and eliminate manual data input.

7. Bardeen Bardeen is a productivity tool to automate your repetitive tasks and control your web apps from anywhere.

8. Zapup It is a tool where you can connect your apps with more than 200+ third-party applications. You can automate with a simple visual drag-and-drop builder without writing a line of code.

9. Parabola Parabola is your team's hub for building, sharing, and automating data workflows in minutes. Any task that you do in a spreadsheet, you can automate easily in Parabola.

10. IFTTT It's a free web service that helps users automate web-based tasks and improve productivity. It connects various developers' devices, services and apps to create β€œapplets” that perform automation.

11. Automate .io It is an easy-to-use workflow automation tool that lets you connect the web apps you use daily.

Summary: 1. Zapier 2. Make 3. Pabbly Connect 4. Alloy 5. Levity 6. Mailperser 7. Bardeen 8. Zapup 9. Parabola 10. IFTTT 11. Automate .io

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