#miyacestober2022 day 15 • fated+ tied up (+ villains) // "/please,/" osamu begs, writhing in his restraints. he looks so pretty with his wrists tied together, hanging from the ceiling, blindfold covering his eyes. he doesn't even know if anyone's there to hear +

his pleas but he still says, "help..." but /atsumu/ is there. he's sitting backwards on a chair, glancing up at his twin, twirling a butterfly knife in contemplation. it's been years since they last saw each other. even longer since they were as close as twins should be. +

osamu's betrayal was too much for atsumu to handle, and without anyone there to match him stride for stride, atsumu quickly lost himself, becoming more of a villain than he ever thought he would be. it was like he made up for osamu's absence too, having two people's worth of +

evil inside. "hello, samu," he greets, and watches osamu flinch. "atsumu—" the knife slips between atsumu's fingers, clattering onto the floor and cutting him in the process. atsumu watches the blood pool in his palm. /atsumu,/ huh? osamu doesn't notice anything amiss. +

"please, atsumu," osamu says, rubbing salt into the wound. "let me go." "let ya go?" atsumu mocks. "it wasn't me who caught ya in the first place." and it /wasn't/. he normally wouldn't give a shit about who the others captured, whether to torture or to fuck. +

only, one of them noticed he bore a striking resemblance to atsumu and joked that he'd found his long lost brother. if only they knew. so atsumu had to check the goods for himself, and sure enough, it was his traitor twin who'd left him years ago. +

he went back to his crew, and told them he'd be dealing with the prey tonight. some of them—particularly the one who actually caught osamu—protested, but their boss was surprised enough that atsumu expressed interest in something for once, so let him have at it. +

"i guess we're just fated to be together, huh, samu?" atsumu says, getting up and retrieving his knife. he walks up to osamu and runs the tip of the blade down his shirt, cutting it open, barely nicking his skin. osamu jerks and tries to pull back, but there's no where +

for him to go. he's /tied up,/ for god's sake. atsumu laughs out loud, continuing to cut the clothing from osamu's body, revealing his bare skin underneath. "we're gonna have some fun, samu," atsumu tells him, looking at the cart of toys he brought over. +

dildos, anal beads, sounds, vibrators, clamps. a generator too, in case atsumu really wanted to give osamu a shock. his knife, of course, his weapon of choice. he's going to make a pretty mess of osamu tonight. osamu will regret ever abandoning atsumu. "let's get started."

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