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skts Atsumu feels that, eight months into their relationship, he and Kiyoomi hide very little from each other. They're both honest- almost to a fault- and while Atsumu is sometimes prone to white lies, they're never about anything serious. Kiyoomi himself /never/ lies. +

Kiyoomi is the most honest sonuvabitch Atsumu has ever met. At first it kind of rattled him- like when Kiyoomi admitted on their first date that Atsumu put on way too much cologne, but then followed it up by saying he's endeared that Atsumu cares so much. +

Anyway, Atsumu never thought that Kiyoomi would be capable of lying to him, /truly/ hiding something. Kiyoomi was even the first one to say "I love you" for crying out loud! +

So that's why Atsumu is taken back when they're lying in Kiyoomi's bed one night, Atsumu scrolling on his phone and Kiyoomi typing away at something on his laptop, and Kiyoomi /turns his laptop away/ when Atsumu tries to glance at the screen. Atsumu looks up at him in shock. +

"Did ya just hide yer screen from me?" Atsumu asks, more in surprise than anything else. Atsumu has seen Kiyoomi do some truly embarrassing stuff on his phone- from leaving anon hate comments on tiktoks to googling "what is omegaverse"...So what's he willing to hide? +

"No?" Kiyoomi says, sound confused and a little annoyed. The laptop screen glows brightly against the contours of Kiyoomi's face, making him look hauntingly handsome. But Atsumu must stay focused! "Yes ya did. I looked over and ya moved the screen away." +

"That's not a very polite thing to do." "Neither is keepin' something from yer boyfriend," the words slip out before Atsumu can process them. Kiyoomi's eyes widen slightly. "What, do you think I'm lying to you about something? Am I cheating on you, is that it?" /Woah./ +

Atsumu sits up in bed. "Hey, hey, I never said that. Why would /you/ say that?" "Well of course I'm not," Kiyoomi says, instead of answering his question. "And I love you, but that doesn't mean I want to share my screen with you all the time. I'd still like some privacy." +

"I mean, sure..." Atsumu trails off, unsure of how this conversation has taken this turn. "It's good to have yer boundaries and everythin', but I don't know what you could be doin' on there that ya /really/ wouldn't want me to see." +

Cheating or breaking up or anything like that hadn't crossed Atsumu's mind at all until Kiyoomi brought it up. Now there's a rock forming in Atsumu's chest and he's scared that there's something hugely wrong going on between them that he hasn't noticed. +

While no relationship is perfect, he thought the last eight months were some of the happiest of his whole life. He loved Kiyoomi so much, and Kiyoomi often told him the same. So...what the fuck? Why was Kiyoomi being so serious about hiding something from him? +

"I told you it's nothing," Kiyoomi grits out, closing his laptop and setting it on his nightstand. Atsumu looks at him in shock again, then does feel a jolt of anger at how weird Kiyoomi is being about this. "Fine," Atsumu mutters, lying back down. "Whatever. Goodnight." +

In the morning, Atsumu wakes first. He sees Kiyoomi's mess of curls on his pillow case, and the pink creases on his cheek, and he thinks Kiyoomi is the cutest, despite what happened last night. +

Atsumu sees the laptop, and knows it would be easy to take a peek. But it feels weirdly like losing, so he exits the bedroom and enters Kiyoomi's kitchen. It's their off day, so Atsumu gets to work making coffee, eggs, bacon, etc. He likes to cook for Kiyoomi. Always will. +

At some point Kiyoomi emerges from the bedroom, holding that damn laptop. "Coffee's on," Atsumu says, kind of clipped. He doesn't want things to be weird between them but it feels like it is. "Before that, there's something I need to show you," Kiyoomi says. Atsumu pauses. +

"If it's about the laptop I don't-" Atsumu starts, but Kiyoomi cuts him off. "Yes it's about the laptop. I thought about it, and I hate the idea of you thinking I'm hiding something from you. Well, something /bad/." +

"So ya /are/ hidin' something from me?" "It's just...it's kind of embarrassing," Kiyoomi stammers out. "Not bad, or anything. Just...Well, just look." Kiyoomi places the laptop on the counter, tilting it for Atsumu to see. Nothing truly prepares Atsumu for what he sees. +

"You...run a Tumblr blog...dedicated to...me?" Atsumu truly doesn't know what he's seeing, but it's a bunch of pictures and posts about /Atsumu/. And the most astonishing part is that Kiyoomi's posts get /thousands/ of reblogs and likes. Atsumu stares at Kiyoomi. +

"To be fair," Kiyoomi starts quickly, his cheeks flushed, "I started it when I just joined the team and I was a pining mess with nowhere to channel it." "A pining...what? You asked /me/ out, Omi. How long were you pining in secret?" "Just...just a few months..." "Omi!" +

"I /know/, okay? I know it's embarrassing." "Okay, listen," Atsumu says. "I don't think it's embarrassin' that ya pined after me, because I sure as hell pined after you, but like...I didn't know you were even capable of keeping it a secret like that." +

Kiyoomi suddenly looks shy, a look Atsumu very rarely sees on Kiyoomi but is suddenly extremely endearing. He says, "I liked you so much that it kind of scared me, but we were friends during those months and I was worried that me confessing would ruin it. +

"So I basically said everything I wanted to tell you on my blog, like a journal. And then it kind of blew up, your fans are insatiable by the way, and then I felt guilty for anonymously telling the internet instead of you so I finally confessed." +

"That's-" "And I stopped posting after we started dating! Really, I didn't post anything for eight months. Until...until my blog started getting a lot of traction out of nowhere again...and I...kind of remembered how much I loved talking about you. How...addicting it was..." +

"You're not cheating on me," Atsumu says quietly. "No, of course not!" "You're just...that fuckin' in love with me." Kiyoomi blushes again. "Yes, but you know that." "Omi-" "I know it's mortifying, but please just-" "Jeez, let me talk," Atsumu laughs. Kiyoomi quiets. +

"If I tell ya that this is one of the weirdly sweetest things anyone has ever done or said to me, will ya stop freakin' out?" Kiyoomi laughs softly. "Okay, but I'm sorry I hid it from you." "I forgive ya, ya big fuckin' sap," Atsumu says, his own heart a mess of emotions. +

Atsumu wasn't lying, this whole thing is simultaneously one of the craziest things he's ever heard while also being one of the most flattering. His boyfriend loves him /this/ much? Atsumu can't help but take it as a super weird but incredible compliment. +

And for it to be Kiyoomi, of all people? This is kind of insane. "I understand if you think it's strange. I'll delete the blog if you want me too." "And miss out on all the mushy shit ya say about me? Nah, you're readin' this whole thing out to me right now."

Kiyoomi sighs, but he's smiling. "I knew it. Your ego is going to be ridiculous now, isn't it?" "Hell fuckin' yeah it is. My boyfriend's obsessed with me, and I mean I can see why." "I hate you." "You love me so much you're basically writin' me love letters every day." +

"I'll write them to you directly now," Kiyoomi says. Atsumu grins, so fucking ready for this new brand of Kiyoomi-honesty. He loves him so much, and he's not sure why he even doubted Kiyoomi's own affections for even a minute. They must just be weirdly made for each other. /end

idk what this thread is and i almost scrapped it hahahah idk...enjoy? whatever this is?

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