I just tested Covid+ & I'm shivering with a 102F fever, but I'm still prompting🚀 Here's my exploration on "#badges". LMK what you think (hopefully that will make me feel better 🥰💪) Mega-thread 🧵 w. short explanations but excellent style consistency. 100% #AI-generated

Badges. The "trophies/achievements" awarded to players. Ubiquitous in many games. Sometimes highly esteemed. I trained SD on various badges (from "Graphic River", to which I have a subscription). I'm looking for very intricate patterns. Here's a first run (prompt: "a badge").

Because of the skull in the batch above, I tried "badge, skull, symmetrical , realistic, intricately detailed, beautiful, 3D render" And here are the skulls.💀

Adding "golden" and "bones" to the prompt, and removing the background with the fantastic @photoroom_app.

Removing "skull" and adding "dragon" 🐉 See the wings, the dragons, the eyes..?

Switching from a "dragon" to a "lion" 🦁

"A huge eye"

This one failed a bit, in my opinion... "A trilobite"

Meet img2img, and add color. Inspired by the flag of Japan 🇯🇵, I present "badge, silver cobra head, realistic, intricately detailed, beautiful".

Animals are cool (and what an endless source of creativity), so here's the silver stag🦌

The hydra (offspring of Typhon and Echidna, and a gigantic water-snake-like monster with nine heads)

"Goldeneye I found his weakness Goldeneye he'll do what I please Goldeneye no time for sweetness But a bitter kiss will bring him to his knees"

"Two crossed swords" ⚔️

Alright and then I simplified things and focused on the animal only. Back to the first step... try many prompts and modifiers, find the sweet spot.

And then... go "badge head of a silver bear, realistic, intricately detailed, beautiful, trending on artstation"

Added "gold", "silver", "bronze", and playing with various species. 100% AI-generated in minutes (or less). This is just a small selection of the hundreds of output I got

The stag 🦌, again. On the right, I added "low-poly" to the prompt

Then I tried T-Rex too (some are a bit messed up...)

With some color. That looks more like Jurassic Park. 🦖

Sometimes you struggle getting a good results. In such a case, I "force" the system and I try getting a large number of variant to choose from. With AI, curation is part of the creation.

This one was from a gold coin and img2img

"green glowing tiger"

And... a "badge face of a red demon, realistic, intricate details, beautiful"

How what it? What would you have tried? This is clearly some production-ready content that can be used in #games (e.g. heroic fantasy RPG, D&D, etc) Pls remember to RT if you liked it :). And be on the look for our beta launch, which will let you do this from a web browser 🚀

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