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cw // nsfw, yandere!omi, stalking, non con, somno, skts, alternate pov midway Kiyoomi’s always had a problem with sharing. Being the youngest sibling meant he was spoiled, adored, waited on hand and foot. Whatever he wanted, he had at the drop of a hat.

He liked things flashy and loud, thought it was a complementary contrast to his quiet and reserved personality. So it wasn’t a surprise that in his second year of high school while attending the infamous All Japan Training Camp,

he’d fallen completely head over heels for Miya Atsumu at first glance. He was everything Kiyoomi’s ever wanted. Beautiful, bright, loud and vicious. Kiyoomi knew that Atsumu had to belong to him.

Even with the distance between them, he didn’t allow that to deter him or his feelings. Miya Atsumu became a household name to his family after that. He’d go on and on about “my Atsu”.

His parents were charmed with their son, added to his allowance when he asked without hesitation when he said he wanted lavish Atsumu with gifts. He bought a camera to take photos of Atsumu to share whenever he visited his dorms in Hyogo, sent flowers,

and wrote love letters so he’d never feel lonely. For months, he was dedicated to knowing the ins and outs of one Miya Atsumu and everyday he grew fonder of the things he learned about him.

And finally, on the first day of summer vacation, Kiyoomi took a train to meet Atsumu for a surprise visit. He’d left a note with a hotel key at the dorms, he knew Atsumu was a romantic at heart and would be elated to know Kiyoomi was waiting for him.

He was excited, finally able to see his Atsu after being apart for so long. He checked his phone, knowing he had more than enough time and set off to make sure things were set at the hotel.

Kiyoomi waited for hours, palms sweating with anticipation when finally there was a knock on the door, down to the minute Kiyoomi asked Atsumu to meet with him. And on the other side, Atsumu stood in all his blonde and splendid glory, brown eyes blown wide in surprise.

“You..” Atsumu’s voice trailed off as the lovers stood staring at one another and Kiyoomi blushed. “Atsumu.. it’s so good to finally see you, again.” He stepped aside, welcoming Atsumu into the room who seemed to follow in a daze.

Atsumu paused and then whirled on him, eyes narrowing and eyebrows pinched. “S-Sakusa Kiyoomi?” His heart skipped a beat hearing Atsumu say his name. “You remember me.” Kiyoomi smiled.

After all, the last time they'd faced each other like this had been at All Japan. Kiyoomi was struck by how much he missed being around Atsumu even though he'd followed him around for months before. But, that was different. He didn't have to hide in the shadows today.

Atsumu could only stare at him, mouth falling open. He shook his head from side to side and blinked, “I — you’re the one sending me all that weird shit?” Kiyoomi pouted, feeling dismayed and confused as to what Atsumu could be talking about.

“I put a lot of thought and heart into those gifts, Atsu.” He bounced back quickly, though. “Ah, did you not like them? I could ge–” “How did you even know where I live, Sakusa?” Atsumu’s voice took an unkind tone and Kiyoomi bristled.

“Kiyoomi.” He ground his teeth. "Just answer the question!” Kiyoomi took a breath to calm himself, he didn’t like the way this reunion was going. This wasn’t the picture he had in his head, why wasn’t Atsumu already in his arms?

“There are a lot of things I know about you, Atsumu. But it’s only because I pay attention! I’ve.. I’ve been watching you for so long, I know you better than anyone else.” His voice took on a desperate edge and he stalked closer to Atsumu, cornering the blonde as he stepped away.

"Can't you see, Atsu? I adore you, I would do anything for you!" Kiyoomi swallowed, fought the urge to stretch his hand out and feel the skin of Atsumu's cheek against his palm. Maybe Atsumu just needed time to adjust? "The least you can do is call me by my given name.

Atsumu clenched his jaw, “Listen, Sakusa–” Kiyoomi’s eye twitched. “I don’t know what the hell is going on in your head, but we don’t even know each other! I’ve met you once at All Japan, where do you get the idea we’re close at all!?”

Atsumu shook his head, running a hand through his hair. “I only came here to end whatever this is you think we have. Stop sending me letters, no more gifts! I don’t want any of it!” Atsumu began encroaching on his space, sneering in his face. “Back the hell off, Sakusa!”

Kiyoomi snapped. It happened before he could even think to stop himself, one moment Atsumu was in his face and the next Kiyoomi’s got his hands balled into the collar of Atsumu’s shirt and used strength he didn’t know he had to throw Atsumu against the nearest wall.

There’s a bang so loud it echoed through Kiyoomi’s chest and then silence as Atsumu’s body slouched forward.

Atsumu woke up slowly, his body feeling stiff and sweaty. His head ached something fierce and he tried to reach his hands down to his head to provide some relief--only to realize his hands were tied. Reality hit him hard and fast. His hands were tied to the headboard above,

he wasn't at his Ma's house or back in his dorm rooms with Samu and he looked down in horror to realize -- "Welcome back, Atsu." Sakusa Kiyoomi said as he bobbed his head from Atsumu's hardened cock. His voice was much more gravelly than before, lips reddened and spit dripping

down his chin. "I was afraid I'd hurt you badly, but I'm glad to see you're doing alright." Atsumu screamed. Sakusa sighed, moving into a sitting position and grabbed a bottle of something before flicking the cap and pouring it onto his fingers.

"My love, I adore the sound of your voice but I think you might be disturbing our neighbors and I wouldn't want a complaint to interrupt our time together. I did book this room for two weeks."

Atsumu was stuck frozen before his mind kicked into gear and Sakusa's words seeped in. "Untie me, you sick bastard! Get off!" He flailed his legs about, trying with all his might to get Sakusa good and run away as soon as possible.

But Sakusa was stronger, quicker and held him down with his knees spread wide open. Everything out for display and Atsumu screamed and thrashed again. "Get off, get off, get off! Let me fucking go!" He could hear his heart pounding in his ears, a cold sweat all over his body

Even his dick had gone flaccid already. What happened? What the hell was happening! How could Atsumu allow himself to get into this situation? How could be so stupid?

All those months ago, he had bragged about the anonymous love letters and flowers he had gotten. He assumed he'd caught the eyes of a girl who went to his school and she was playing coy.

He thought he'd be able to finally get his first girlfriend.. He did not expect Sakusa Kiyoomi standing on the other side of that hotel door.

"I was going to wait," Sakusa started, resting his forearms against Atsumu's thighs and bearing all of his weight down so Atsumu couldn't move. "I thought it improper to do this before I asked you out on our first date.

But you were lying there so open and vulnerable for me, Atsu. I couldn't stop myself from wanting to taste you--" Sakusa swallowed, his throat constricting and Atsumu felt absolute fear at the inky black of his eyes. "To take you."

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