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When Kiyoomi steps into the kitchen, the sight in front of him takes his morning grogginess away in a blink, he takes on the look of his lover as this one moves around with ease and purpose, breakfast cooking under his attention

The too big shirt that the blonde is wearing let the purple and red marks on his neck and shoulders on total display, as well as the lack of pants help visualizing the love bites all over his thighs Once he makes his way towards the man, his arms close around a slim waist

And when his ears hear the small but endearing chuckle coming from Atsumu, he lowers himself, chin resting on the other's shoulder as his lips hover alongside Atsumu's ear to whisper in a low and raspy voice "How's my pretty little wife doing today?"

That morning, breakfast almost ends burned, fire accompanying the pretty blonde's red face as their clothes get discarded to rest all over their apartment, once again

//our* wife, my bad🙄

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