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#sakuatsu | /nsfw/ college, roommates, voyeurism Kiyoomi feels like shit, the whole day has been draining him from the start. From the moment his alarm stopped working and didn't go off until 9:36,

leaving him to fall out of bed and rush into the bathroom to wash his teeth at a speed he didn't know he was able to just so he could get out of the room and into the hallway with his sweatpants still on and whatever hoodie he could throw on in the moment.

Since then, his day has been going downhill. The cafeteria being totally packed and the idea of getting into line for what seemed like a half an hour wait didn't appeal to him at all, so the only viable option at the moment appeared to be going out of campus to buy lunch,

but that, once again, was a bad idea from the beginning, and the clear coffee stain on his green hoodie was the evidence of it all. And when all started to seem like the worst day of his life, the only good thing came in the form of his last class of the day getting canceled,

which meant his activities for the day were finally over and now he could go to his dorm, make some tea and throw himself on the sofa to drown on the anger and frustration this whole day has filled him with.

Once he got into his dorm, he found his roommate's shoes already placed at the side of the genkan, letting out a sigh, he found himself thinking that maybe if he moved around carefully and silently, he could pass without having Miya's attention on him.

And it wasn't like he disliked the man or anything, yes he was an annoying jerk who loved to show his most bratty self in front of everyone, but especially Kiyoomi, and his obnoxious hair and blinding smile gave him a headache the majority of the time,

but the raven could still agree that he was actually a pretty good roommate. He was respectful of Kiyoomi's boundaries and always helped with maintaining a clean environment around the room, he was really helpful in house chores

and his cooking was, honestly speaking, one of the best he's ever had the opportunity to taste. So yeah, he was a good roommate, and a good friend as well, if they intended to go that far, but the idea of Miya pestering him the moment he enters the main area of their dorm

made his head hurt in a way that wasn't healthy. No matter how naturally attractive he could admit to himself that Miya was, the man could also be an annoying asshole just as easily. So he didn't think it was bad of him to step into the room as quietly as he possibly could,

leaving his house shoes still at the genkan to assure that there wasn't any sound, but just as he placed his bag in the side table on the hallway and discarded the mask placed on his face, a very faint but still audible whine echoed around the dorm and landed on his ears.

He decided to ignore it, thinking it was probably just Miya and his clumsy self bumping against a wall in his room or something, but then the sound came more clear and he was able to make out what was heard as a moan. This made him freeze in his place,

eyes wide open and a barely there blush spreading across his face. Was Miya-? Was he actually-? His thoughts were cut short before he could completely process what was happening when a more loud moan echoed in the emptiness of the room, he didn't know how to react.

Should he go? He should, right? He shouldn't be here listening to Miya Atsumu moan freely in their, not empty anymore, dorm. The blonde man probably thought he was alone, not aware of Kiyoomi's early appearance,

and so he decided to relieve the tension that his body built during last week's exams. Or maybe he was just really horny, Kiyoomi didn't know, and he didn't want to think about it either, he shouldn't be thinking about it at all.

"Ngh- fuck," The whines that came from the other's room left him breathless, heat started to creep up from his groin to his ears. And before he could stop to think what he was doing, his legs started moving on their own,

heading towards Miya's door and finding this one already slightly open, and if Kiyoomi was being a hundred percent honest with himself right now, nothing could have prepared him for the sight of the man that laid in front of him.

There, splayed on the bed, Miya's back rested on the mattress, white shirt pulled all the way up with the help of his teeth, his legs were slightly parted as his knees stayed up with every spasm of his body,

one of his hands was busy toying around with a pink and hard looking nipple, as for the other hand, this one was more than occupied fingering the owner open, three fingers pulling in and out of him with a rapid motions,

creating sloppy and explicit noises while earning sounds out of the blonde that were just as sinful. Kiyoomi felt his throat becoming dry, what he was doing wasn't right, he knew that, he was overstepping and crossing a lot of boundaries, clearly invading Miya's privacy,

but he couldn't move, his feet felt like they were sealed to the floor, the only thing his brain managed to order him to do was to keep looking, eyes roaming over Miya's strong but somehow still delicate looking body,

stopping just right where his fingers disappear and his legs tremble. "Ahh! Mhm-" Every muffled moan that came out of the man's lips made him feel dizzy, and when the hand playing with his nipple moved to wrap around his pink and dripping cock,

stroking in sink with the pace of his fingers, Kiyoomi barely caught himself before his mouth could let out a loud groan. Fuck, he looked so good, and the raven couldn't stop looking, his eyes didn't seem to want to look anywhere else,

but his favorite part to stare at was definitely Miya's face, the way his blonde locks stuck out in a messy but still attractive way, the blush on his cheeks painted over his face so beautifully that left Kiyoomi feeling something funny on his belly,

his rosy lips caught between his teeth and the shirt that holded, and his glasses, that were hanging in place only by the bridge of his nose, glass fogged hiding blown, golden eyes behind. He couldn't take his eyes off of him, no matter how hard he tried,

he watched as every muscle tensed, every little shiver making his whole body tremble and his back arch off the bed, making the image even more obscene. Every well angled thrust of his fingers elicited a delicious sounding moan muffled by fabric,

and all the strokes on his cock seemed to tip him more and more over the edge. It was as if lust took human form, and it was tempting Kiyoomi to get closer with an inhuman force. And Kiyoomi was starting to think it was a fight he would be more than willing to lose.

No remorse whatsoever. He wouldn't be able to tell how much time he spent standing there, silently watching, he felt like a pervert but no matter how much he tried, he just couldn't look away. He watched as Miya's- as Atsumu's moans became louder,

his pants getting erratic as both his hands moved faster, frantic motions earning all different kinds of reactions from the blonde's body, and he could clearly see how Atsumu was at edge with every movement,

he looked so sinful yet so angelic at the same time and before he could process what was happening, the man's hand that was once wrapped around his cock guided itself towards his nipple again. Kiyoomi didn't have time to try and understand

before he saw with wide eyes the way Atsumu's stomach got painted with white splatters all over it, matching colored shirt long forgotten as his teeth released this one, mouth shaped into a small 'o' as he came all over himself,

practically untouched as the only stimulation that guided him through his orgasm was provided by his fingers, still deep inside of him But in constant movement, most likely rubbing at his prostate without mercy. He didn't get to see the blonde coming down of his high state

as he finally found the strength on his body to move away from the door, walking fast towards the small kitchen that the dorms provided and leaning against the round table, head hanging loud as he took deep breaths in an attempt to calm down.

Just then did he notice the print of nails on his palms, provided by the hard way his hands formed a fist as a way to hold himself back as much as possible, he was now aware of just how hard he was on his sweatpants

and how sticky his boxers felt with the amount of precum that pooled there, and the fact that the image of Atsumu's orgasm face was still printed in his mind wasn't helping his situation at all. He doesn't know how much time he spent trying to relax,

but the sound of Atsumu's door opening and his steps getting closer and closer made him freeze in place, and he knew the blonde had reached the kitchen once his ears heard a surprised yelp coming from behind him. "Omi! What are ya doing here?"

He was sure the tone intended to show nonchalance, but it didn't reach the man's voice at all, he couldn't blame him though, he wasn't faring any better. With a clear of his throat, he prayed to every entity out there so that Atsumu wouldn't see just how affected he is,

and turned around just enough to face the man. "Miya, I just got here, my last class finished earlier than expected." He really hoped the other couldn't hear the tremble on his voice, couldn't notice how on edge he was.

"Oh, lucky~" Atsumu's face seemed to relax at the knowledge that Kiyoomi wasn't here to see or to hear anything. But as his eyes traveled the blonde's body, taking note on the wrinkles at the bottom of his shirt and the slight, almost imperceptible,

tremble of his legs now covered by red shorts, he knew none of it was true, and he didn't trust his mouth to not out himself because of the guilt pooling on his chest, so he just nodded, tight smile stretching his face. "...rough day?"

He wasn't sure what the man was talking about until he took notice of the finger pointing at his coffee stained hoodie, heat spread across his face at the realization of just how embarrassing that was at this moment, once again he cleared his throat and looked up,

eyes staring past Atsumu just to keep himself at bay. "Yeahโ€ฆ I was about to go shower, actually." He thanked every God above for the fastness of his brain to come up with an excuse. "So, if you excuse me, Miya."

"Oh, sure." And just when he passed by Atsumu, did he hear a small whisper. "Have fun." His head felt like exploding with the amount of heat that his face contained, and he couldn't stop his nostrils from inhaling the sweet essence of sex emanating from Atsumu at that moment.

He headed fast for the bathroom door, not even thinking of getting some clothes beforehand, he needed a long shower and an even longer night.

//no comment needed, this is just a long torture for Kiyoomi and Atsumu looking pretty and hot, that's it๐Ÿ‘€

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