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Start your morning with walks to reduce stress and anxiety through OPTIC FLOW. The actual movements of objects you are walking past helps quiet hardwired circuits in your brain. //A mini-thread//

Optic flow is the motion pattern generated at your eye that is moving relative to the environment. So again, when you walk by stationary objects first thing in the morning such as trees, buildings, etc.

As noted by @hubermanlab this is the exact opposite of what most of us are doing throughout the day (ie. staring at a 2-dimensional computer in fixed space). Optic flow reduces stress by functioning the same way eye movement therapy works for PTSD.

"There are now at least 1/2 a dozen papers published in quality peer-reviewed journals that show that forward ambulation—walking, biking, running—and generating optic flow, has an incredible property of lowering activity in the amygdala and reducing levels of anxiety."

Morning walks (best within an hour of waking) have a myriad of other benefits (sunlight, circadian rhythm, blood flow, cognitive performance, etc). We will continue to cover these in future threads.

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