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You are losing out if you are not using AI. 10 mindblowing AI tools that will save you hours every week (for sure).

{1} Excel AI Formula Generator Transform your text instructions into Excel & Google Sheets formulas in seconds with the help of AI. πŸ”—

{2} LongShot AI LongShot is an AI-powered content writing assistant to research, generate, and optimize high-quality long-form content. Writing blogs will never feel this easy. πŸ”—

{3} Namelix Namelix uses artificial intelligence to create a short, brandable business name. Search for domain availability and instantly generate a logo for your new business πŸ”—

{4} Huemint AI color palette generator with different previews. πŸ”—

{5} Soundraw Your personal AI music generator. πŸ”—

{7} Supercreator Create videos 10x faster with AI Supercreator is a mobile app that uses artificial intelligence to make it easy and quick to create original short videos fast for TikTok, Reels, Shorts, and more. πŸ”—

{8} Supermeme .ai AI memes to boost your personal and professional brand Generate original AI memes in 110+ languages by entering any text input and turning that into shareable memes. Powered by GPT-3 and a custom-built meme database. πŸ”—

{9} Cleanup .pictures Remove objects, people, text, and defects from any picture for free. Create a clean background for a product picture πŸ“Έ, re-design any items πŸ‘ , and fill up some missing space for a youtube thumbnail 🎬. πŸ”—

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